The stars burnt to blue


The last night at Ihouse was MADNESS. It was SO stressful. Not in a happy-lets-go-party-and-go-crazy way, but in a IM-NOT-DONE-PACKING AND MY-STUFF WILL-NOT-FIT-INTO-MY-ONE-LUGGAGE-BAG AND I’M-LEAVING- IN-2-HOURS-FOR-THE-AIRPORT-AND-WE-CAN’T-GET-A-TAXI-WAY.

Woah what a dramatic way to end my experience. Now I learn from my mistakes. Never start packing at 6pm on the day itself and never underestimate the amount of shopping that you do. So half the time we were seriously frustrated and I was having MAJOR panick attacks until Yong and Huimin had to come in and teach me how to pack so that I could fit all my nonsense in.




Events of the night:

x. Packing disasters

x Unable to find a taxi company that will pick us up at 3am to send us to the airport.

x The last Ihouse party (aka Traffic Light party: colour code your relationship status with red, orange and green. Red is taken or you have your period, Green is single and ready to go and Orange/yellow is FLINGABLE. Go figure.)

x Highly annoyed cos the party was so packed that we couldn’t do anything and barely move so we stayed there for what – five minutes? – and then went to the Great Hall to nua. (and continue panicking about the situation)

x Taking our last series of photos..

x Finding Rafi to say goodbye :(

x PANICKING again at 3am when the taxi was here but Pete who was supposed to share the taxi with us was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Omytian.

x Rushing through goodbyes with whoever we happened to see on the way out (meaning: not being able to say goodbyes to everyone).


And this was the last photo I took before we left Ihouse, out of the taxi window. I had a sudden OMYGOSH WE ARE ACTUALLY LEAVING moment as we pulled away, somewhat a Ryan-Marissa Honey and the Moon-esque moment – I was so caught up in the rush of packing and logistics the entire night that I hadn’t time to realize that I wasn’t coming back. I guess it was a good thing for one part – save me the emo-ness; but at the same time, it was just plain bittersweet.

I think that you came too soon; you’re the honey and the moon that lights up my night.


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