Our second last night at Ihouse. Everyone’s way of avoiding the farewells and goodbyes was to find an empty lounge and get food and alcohol and play Korean drinking games!

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Experienced European nor an Alcoholic Asian so I didn’t drink because I just get all red and then Jarvis gets all like, Ooh look Asian glow asian glow! -.- So Yong drinks everything for me. HA.


We were just getting all excited about starting to play SAMYUKU (Korean drinking game hoho) but before we could finish the round, the RA came in to tell us we were making too much noise and chased us to the Gamble Lounge. Spoiler much. I have a video of our exciting first round where Charles and Rafi barge into the room halfway and everyone gets all excited but I cannot put it up BECAUSE SHAMIL THINKS THERE IS INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE OF EMBARRASING STUFF but there really isn’t.

So off to the gamble lounge we went to re-convene.. and then guess what we got chased out AGAIN by another RA (seriously….) and so we ended up in the underground Game Room. STILL PLAYING SAMYUKU. I don’t know why they weren’t sick of the game..


In the gamble lounge.. and this is just too funny because of Charles who is way gone by now.

And this is our tribute song to June, Hey June – adapted from Hey Jude, obviously. At this point everyone is semi tired but still very happy and willing to sing really loudly for no reason in particular.


Before we went to sleep, we found Sofi! And I think this photo looks like we are going on some amazing adventure because of 1. Rafi’s RIDONKULOUS BINOCULARS and 2. All the random things that we have on us.. scarves and bags and jackets and handphone pouches. Hahahaha.


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