The happiest Japanese man in the world


Picture 4


YUSHI :( :( :(

The Japanese man who went around asking ppl to remember him as YUSHI BERKELEY, whom we scouted the entire third floor trying to find his room for, who taught us PINGPONGPANG which brought us great joy for the rest of our ihouse weekends, who loves the Beatles and twists and shouts during Karaoke (and inspired Jackie and Yong to twist and shout down an entire corridor), who spent our entire first trip to SF asking me about Christianity,  who followed me to church week after week even though he didn’t understand much English, who cried every night because he missed his wife and daughter, who bought me the Comfort Bear for my birthday, who wore Tommy Hilfiger wherever he went, who called me the happiest girl in the world.

I was ALWAYS happy and excited when I saw Yushi, wherever and whenever I saw him. We had the best conversations from religion to relationships to culture to whattobuyforhiswife, and language was never a barrier. One of the best friendships I’ve made while I was at Berkeley.

He said he hopes that his company will send him to Singapore to work possibly 2 years from now, and then he will bring his wife and daughter. I cannot wait.

At our ihouse retreat on the first weekend during sharing, Yushi stood up in his (at the time) broken English and declared, “I want to… make long-lasting friendships!”


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