This was a few days before we all got kicked out of Ihouse.. Allen left early! Along with the rest of the China gang to go on their Amerikan holiday. SAD :( :( Allen was Yong’s roommate aka roommate to ALL OF US. One of the rooms we always crashed, bed we always exploited, food we always stole.. I still remember all the times he and Yong would burst into I CAN’T TELL YOU WHY and DESPERADO by The Eagles and I would be like Omged seriously, again??


If I remember correctly, Jackie was trying to block my face for the photo.


As farewell presents, Allen gave us these uber cute handphone pouch thingys – WHICH WERE ALL KNITTED BY HIS MOTHER!!! OMGAD SO CUTE CAN. Pls imagine this old Chinese lady sitting in front of a fireplace knitting these things.. for us! (Ok she didn’t know who we were at the time, but still.)


Bye Allen, see you when we visit Hong Kong! :)


:( Allen’s sad departure was marked with Jarvis and his stupid remark – “Ah, Allen is gone. The first casualty.”

P.S. There will still be a couple of Ihouse photo-vomit posts coming up, just in case you thought this blog was purged of Berkeley already. HAHA NEVER!!


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