Tingalingaling: The Blues


Ting turns 21! For the second time! At Soup Spoon! On Thurday afternoon!


Overly excited schoolgirls Bev and Ting.


Totally sophisticated young women Soph, Debs and Tash. HAHAHA.


AHB girls reunion! Okay, partially. Happy birthday TING :)

Later on after Bev went back to work, the rest of us sat at TCC and ordered two pots of green tea to share and talk over. ONCE AGAIN the waitress thought we were uber cheapskate can. Omged Ting do you realise a RECURRING THEME. Cheapskateness shall be the motto of your 21st birthday! Hahahah ohno.


One Response to “Tingalingaling: The Blues”

  1. bev Says:

    we are working women. what do you have to show for your time?

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