Singapore MJ Tribute 09


Yes okay this is an entire week overdue. I apologize for my sloppiness on updates.


Last Sunday was the one and only Singapore Michael Jackson Tribute held at Speaker’s Corner. Got the invite on facebook from Vik, and Michael asked if I wanted to go check it out, so off we went! Got there pretty early at about 530 to see what was going on. At that point it was still pretty early, aside from MJ music and fans hanging around, Suraj, Vik and Meixi’s brother (aka organizers of the event) were getting interviewed. EXCITE.


Um we decided to have dinner and then return at night, cos we found out that the real program only started when it was dark enough to project on the screen.


By nightfall there were tons of fans. There was a candlelight ceremony to ‘Heal the World’, a few people went up to share about how MJ changed their life (including a suicide story amagad), and essentially it was just MJ music videos playing the entire night. And we all know MJ vids are essentially mini-movies in themselves.. after awhile it started to feel like a big movie screening session on the grasspatch under the stars. Pretty awesome.

Candle lighting to ‘Heal the World’.

Old man dancing through the MVs. AMAGAD SO CUTE CAN.


KUDOS VIKNESH! One of the organisers of the event :) Six months into not meeting up and he’s grown a rather full beard. Hohoho.


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