A little lazy love



Today I woke up missing my bed in LA.

This is how it looked like on the day I left for the airport, so clean and pristine. The rest of the 9 days before that, however, my suitcases and clothes and items were strewn ALL OVER the carpet there was hardly any walking space. Anyhow. Look at how comfy the bed looks.. duvet, silk, fluff, feathered comfort. What a great sleep I had every night after a long day of adventure. Lots of HIMYM re-watching in that comfort as well. Tucked in, warm, safe, sleepy, hidden..

Ditch the plans we made,
rest your lovely bones,
spoon-feed these new daydreams,
a pajama holiday,
we’ll get stoned on love.


3 Responses to “A little lazy love”

  1. lois Says:

    where’s this lovely place in LA?

  2. debs Says:

    haha my friend’s aunt’s house!! boohoo :(

  3. lois Says:

    awww so pretty! we stayed in amanda’s uncle’s home in texas. it was pretty and so homely too!

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