Roadtrip to Nowhere


LA TRAVELS RECAP 06/06 and 10/06:


And by roadtrip, I REALLY MEAN ROADTRIP. In total we drove about 12 hours. Our destination? SALVATION MOUNTAIN: NILAND, CA. (This shall be in the next post) It was 3 hours from LA, and so to and fro it was a 6 hour long roadtrip.

Why was it 12 hours? Cos we drove there TWICE. Once on a saturday and once a wednesday.

Why we drove there twice? Because the first time, we drove 3 hours, did a u-turn thinking that we had passed the destination, and found ourselves at a AMERICAN SECURITY CHECKPOINT. Of which they asked for our passports, of which we did not bring (cos we didn’t think we were going to be passing through a checkpoint!? This reinforces how ULU our destination was). This resulted in them having to call the Singapore AND New Zealand embassy to verify our visas. Which then resulted in the police officer questioning WHY I WAS STILL IN AMERIKA because my student visa had expired. In my bid to explain that I have a 30 day grace period according to Amerikan law, he said that this was “no laughing matter” and I could be “sent to immigration jail”.

OMGED CAN. I was like WHAT. How about I know my rights and I HAVE A 30 DAY GRACE PERIOD. But Yong was like aiya forget it we can come another day.. AND THE AGONIZING THING WAS WE ALREADY DROVE 3 HOURS AND WE WERE THAT CLOSE (cos later we found out we were 10 mins away) and WE HAD TO TURN BACK. Cos we didn’t wana risk getting stopped at security checkpoint again without our passports.

So technically our first roadtrip was a failure. Drove 3 hours to find ourselves having to turn back and drive 3 hours back to LA not reaching our desired destination :(

BUT we both concluded that we should look on the bright side, cos we actually stopped by the Salton Sea, which was an unexpected beautiful sight + my camera had run out of battery (AND I HAD TO TAKE PHOTOS OF SALVATION MOUNTAIN you shall see why in the next post) + after that we headed to the Santa Monica pier + we got to spend time together :) Lovely.

First roadtrip 06/06 (failed):


WE DROVE INTO THE DESERTS AND MOUNTAINS. I KID YOU NOT. WE EVEN MANAGED TO WITNESS A MINI-TORNADO IN THE DESERT!! + Driving along huge mountains feeling like we were a toy car + reaching WINDMILL PARADISE where there were millions of windmills all around! WHAT A SIGHT.


This was the Salton Sea. How beautiful. The sand was made of broken shells and there were dead fish all along the coast, but look at its breathtaking view – it looks like it came out of a Chinese water painting..

Other random roadtrip #1 facts:

x My feet hurt from the shell-sand, and I got piggybacked back to the car :)

x We discovered 100.5 DESERT FM, the best mix of radio that you can get in the desert!

x We heard MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU by Kelly Clarkson NINE freaking times on the radio (before we found desert fm!) We know the first few bars by heart now.

x Stopped by a DISNEY SALE + Jackinthebox snack where the man gave us a free soft drink! What a nice man!

x We love our little blue Nissan versa.


Okay! Second roadtrip 10/06 (success!):


We drove to where the water touched the sky, where the clouds rested lazily on the peaks of mountaintops, and where the horizon blurred into one big piece of heaven.

Random roadtrip #2 facts:

x We heard HALO by Beyonce about 5 times on the radio (GOOD, BECAUSE WE LOVE THIS SONG!!! Can’t get enough of it) + heard POKERFACE by Lady Gaga about 4 times. (BAD, BECAUSE SHE IS PORNOGRAPHIC)

x On the 3 hour drive back, we asked each other about our favourites. 3 hours was too short.

x Conclusion: We’ve been to NILAND, CA okay. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE THAT IS? DON’T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT WHERE YOU’VE TRAVELLED, SERIOUSLY. This was the most hardcore roadtrip to themiddleofnowhere that I could ever even begin to imagine. IN MY LIFE.

*this post is to build suspense for the next* :) WHERE DID WE DRIVE 12 HOURS TO REACH? And was it really worth it? Stay tuned! Hahahaha.


3 Responses to “Roadtrip to Nowhere”

  1. amanda Says:

    i love driving past the place where all the windmills are!

  2. lois Says:

    goodness talk about losing your way around in California… i understand what you mean hahaha

  3. lois Says:

    the only time i rmb vividly driving past so many windmills was near mt San Jacinto in California near Joshua Tree National Pk

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