I hugely appreciate laughter, conversation, chilling out, and new music for my ears (both the soothing indie and the jumpy kpop). What I said yesterday to Bev I did believe, and I hope that I keep that close to my heart for the rest of my life.

Last night,

x We had two dinners and two after-dinner desserts.

x Hunted for mochi ice cream but failed to find “THE BEST AND THE ORIGINAL”.

x Drove to Plaza Sing just for Michael’s mango ice-mountain thing, confused/pissed off the HK waitress cos we kept speaking in English and she couldn’t understand us (Michael asked for “MORE GRAVY” over his mango ice. Omged….)

x Talked and laughed so loudly that I spotted tables staring fiercely at us I kid you not.

x I introduced them to my current new addiction, PCK’S MRT RAP – A HAPPY JOURNEY STARTS LIKE THAT. HAHAHAHA I cannot take it. (to which Bev threatened to put chilli into my almond cream).

x While Michael and Bev talked politics, Hiew Chek and I pondered on whether to buy chicken mcnuggets or popcorn chicken (in the end we got both) – note the extreme polarization in conversation topics.

x Rode shotgun in the minicooper (reunited!) while listening to MJ songs and later on, WONDERGIRLS! (NOBODY NOBODY BUT CHEW! *clapclap* *clap*) Of which Chek tried to teach me the dance. HAHA.

x Sat in the mini before going home browsing through new tunes on Michael’s itouch (new tunes!!! excite!), and debating our battles lost and won.


One Response to ““MANG-GOW POW-DING””

  1. bev Says:

    nobody nobody but chewww i want nobody nobody but chew. eh look at what i posted on your fb wall. it’s awesome.

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