Theme park frenzy


MORE LA UPDATES (this is never-ending! hahaha)

08/06: SIX FLAGS


There weren’t alot of photos cos we had to lock our bags in a locker.. SO THAT THE CONTENTS WOULD NOT FLY OUT AND BE BLASTED INTO SMITHEREENS WHILE WE DROPPED 1092319231834 FEET FROM THE TOP OF THE ROLLER COASTER. Amagad. As I said previously, if you haven’t been to six flags, you haven’t REALLY sat on a roller coaster. The first ride we took was GOLIATH, and stupid Yong was like “oh this is the second scariest so if you take this you can take everything else.. and I won’t make you take the scariest”. And then after I DIED ON THE ROLLERCOASTER and was reserrected again, he was like “okay I bluffed you that was the scariest.” -_-


x I am scared of scary roller coasters (not the mild ones that are in like HONG KONG THEME PARKS)

x I love water rides!!!

x Theme parks are ultimate ripoffs when it comes to food and drinks

x One more thing off the bucket list done that day :)


09/06: SOAK CITY!

Probably our funnest day! We spent the whole day at Knotts Berry Farm SOAK CITAYE. SUPER FUN CAN. Please x-reference Fantasy Island/ Wild wild wet in Singapore. I haven’t been to wild wild wet yet though!



x THE TIDAL WAVE POOL. Oh so fun. And it got REALLY fun when we decided to compete with the kids in the front of the tidal waves for the PRIME POSITION. Oh man I had so much fun reliving my childhood. Even though in my head I was like, I’m too old for this.. BUT WHO CARES I AM NEVER SEEING THESE KIDS AGAIN. They probably thought we were uber psycho. I fought so hard I had such bad blisters on my toes can. HAHA.

x THE PACIFIC SPIN (refer to picture of colourful funnel-like contraption). The best water ride EVER created. We took it like four/five times. The water was icy cold, the best part was the sudden drop, and then it was UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN DROP DROP DROP AAAAAAAAAAA SO FUN omged I want to ride it again!!!

x Standing under the big pail of water to get splashed by icy cold water TWICE. Freaking. cold. omged.

x A slow float through the park on the SUNSET RIVER. Ahahaha relaxing.

x Other tons of uber fun rides (and one that I thought I was going to fall off the slide and die omged)

x Watching small little kids run around. I could watch kids all day.


x SOAK CITY PURPLE BEAR FOR 5 BUCKS! I’m so glad I bought it. It sleeps with me at night, and reminds me of all the good times :)


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  1. micheyeo Says:

    hahahahah deborah yap you actually speak like a normal person in the usa. WELL DONE

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