First cg!


SHAWNA CUT OFF MY TAIL!!!!! I was getting attached to it :( It reminded me of how long my hair was. And it was SPESHUL. Boo. She cut it mercilessly off with a pair of scissors. SAD.

As revenge, I am so converting her to the dark side. KOREAN BOYBANDS THAT CAN DANCE. AND WONDERGIRLS.

P.S. It felt really great to be back in cg again. Where I belong, still.


3 Responses to “First cg!”

  1. micheyeo Says:

    deborah yap, I spy with my little eye something beginning with DY’s KBF. I really should hop on this KBF bandwagon.

    and do you like super junior??? I do!

  2. debs Says:

    HELLO MICHES why are you spying in the first place. hahahahahahaha. KBF BANDWAGON. i kinda love it. hahaha u like super jnr?? my church friend loves it too. BUT THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM!?!?!? and they look quite gay. nice meh

  3. micheyeo Says:

    haha I just posted a comment on your latest entry. BUT I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR AND LET ME SHOW YOU WHY.

    please watch these 2 videos in the order I post them.

    super junior hwaiting!!!!!

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