Singaporeans in LA


Sorry, its a very unoriginal title but it is the best fitting one I could think of. HAHA so anyway after Vegas we took a 5 hour bus to LA where I freeloaded in Yong’s auntie’s house for 10 days. I still feel superrrr bad about it :( They put me up in a pretty room where I was tucked into SILK sheets and Ralph Lauren pillows, fed me high quality expensive Korean meals and Japanese sashimi, and most importantly, provided me with AN ENDLESS STREAM OF MOCHI ICE CREAM. At least I bought her a nice gift for their beautiful home :)

Okay anyway so one of the nights we finally got to meet up with SHAMIL (!!!!) and his friends. WHO ARE CRAZY. HAHAHAHA. We had dinner at IHOP (International House of Pancakes hurhur) and went to a hookah place afterward (not all of us did hookah.. in case you were wondering). Let me just tell you that it was ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME NIGHTS OF OUR LIVES. Because of the fact that very simply, Shamil’s friends are MAD. Okay we heard of Mizra long ago (aka SATAN), so we should have been prepared. BUT WE SO WERE NOT. It was mad I tell you. I’ve never laughed so much in one night EVER. My jaws hurt after that.


Dinner at IHOP! The food took FOREVER to come. Meanwhile Shamil and I had fun re-living our days of arguments and taking turns to insult each other in front of new people. Most of them backfired on me, but thats cos he had an unfair advantage. WHATEVER.


The hookah place we went to was really nice to just chill and talk. Which was exactly what we did. Except we talked REALLY loudly and were like laughing super loudly half the time and the funniest thing was that the angmohs around us probably had NO idea what we were saying cos we were speaking Singlish. Awesome. We listened to Mizra’s corrupted stories of being a policeman driver, heard LIES about Shamil’s one year late entry into school, and stories of Saddiq’s days as a PTI in the army. Omged I love Singaporeans. They are SUPER. Awesome night. New friends, new fun.


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