Getty Museum


On a perfectly sunny day, we decided to go to the Getty Museum.

It’s free entry, btw. That was probably why we decided to go. HAHA but it was really pretty and shiny and white and oooooooh and aaaaaah worthy (at least for me it was) and the huge garden was strewn with every kind of flower possible in every kind of colour possible. Ahhhh. It was just a pretty day to take a relaxing walk, talk, and enjoy moments together :)


If I’m not wrong, after this my cam battery ran out. But we had chicken&waffles for dinner and drove to Santa Monica pier, where we witnessed the most horrific face on a little kid being put onto a ride that he desperately wanted to get off. IT WAS SO CUTE. The kid was SO small and the terrified look on his face was SO priceless. Poor kid. Yong kept imitating the kid.. gosh super funny. It immediately got added to our list of hilarious moments with kids/faces to imitate to make me laugh :)


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