Needs fresh air


I’m so sick of this self-quarantine thing, I am SO going out tomorrow to at least take a walk. And Dakor is coming back at 4pm anyway, so its airport and then an awesome dinner to celebrate his (I quote) “RETURN IN GLORY”.

Last night Michael swung by to deliver shortbread cookies and a cupcake (seriously? From television to baking now? I am pleasantly surprised) and just this afternoon Nat came by to collect his DVDs and surprised me with a “self quarantine kit” – one times sinfully chocolatey dark chocolate cake, one times GLAMOUR magazine, and one times random bodyshop lotion thing (which I’m pretty sure is an unwanted gift. HAHA). I have the best kind of friends :)

Also a special shoutout to AMELIA HANG whom I’ve been talking to the past 2 days and who has cheered me up very much by distractions/shared experiences/reminiscing.. and the like. Thanks woman. Come to think about it, TANIA YEO also deserves special mention for making me remember how happy I can be with 16 year olds. Kids, I’m forever young.

Meanwhile I’ve been entertaining myself with local youtube videos, esp the Shan & Ros show. I blame Quen for this.

Post-video thoughts:

x These remind me of IHOUSE EXPERIENCES. In particular how Shamil taught Yong to swear in Hokkien. Nostalgia.

x I love Ros. She is the coolest shizz. In contrast, Shan is quite the loser at speaking Singlish. What a disgrace to Singaporeans..


2 Responses to “Needs fresh air”

  1. Amelia Says:

    wow! I have honorable mention! so pleased. hahaha…

  2. da korkor Says:


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