Vegas 1 & 2


The first day at Vegas was spent lounging around in the hotel because 1. IT WAS BURNING HOT IN THAT ARTIFICIAL CITY OF A DESERT and 2. we were freeloading Jackie’s hotel anyway so might as well make the most of it. HAHAHA.


We only came out at night for a short walk of the strip! Ooh and we had chinese buffet for dinner. Twas yummy to my tummy.


The next day we had lunch at Johnny Rockets (aka Billy bombers.. I still don’t get why they are named differently when everything is exactly the same). Heavenly milkshakes. Failed attempts at sepia tone lovin, which was followed by.. laundry. *Insert NPH’s laundry day song which we hummed to*  Laundry day. See you there! Underthings. TUMBLING. Wanna say. Love your hair! Here I go.. abisaidahsdasx. Mumbling….. *continues singing happily while waiting for laundry*


We went swimming in the afternoon! THAT WAS SO FUN. Like seriously. One of the best times on the trip. The two angmohs in the pool probably thought of us as crazy asians.. but who cares! Pools are for having fun in! I relived my Temasek club days of frolicking and handstands and singing and making stories out of nothing to further sing to. BREATH OF LIFE! Hurhur LOVE :) We went pretty insane.

Anyway, we decided to dress up and be atas so we had dinner at a Brazillian grill restaurant. MEAT IS TASTY TASTY MURDER!!!! I wish I had an expandable stomach, seriously – so that I could’ve fully maximized that meal. Yum.


Fulfilled our desire of the previous night: to buy one of those cool long glasses of alcohol that we saw people walking up and down the streets with. Went into the Bellagio to look at how awesome it was.. it was awesome.


And finally, the Bellagio water show! :) I will say no more.

sidenote: random person squealing in the background is NOT ME.


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