BBT Chronicles Two


And the BBT chronicles continue!

Due to Yong’s insistent repetition of WE ARE SO BIKING CHICAGO TOMORROW, we set off the next day to find bike rentals. We had to rent one tandem because um, well, I can’t bike, so we got rejected by one place saying that they ran out of tandems. And then I was crucified because I COULDNT RIDE A BIKE. Pangsais.


And God provided once more, we chanced upon this random sign that said BIKE TOURS rentals and they had ONE tandem left. Hoorah hoorah! I no longer was accused of being incompetent. HAHA.

And so we biked, to the pier. Honestly, it was the best experience EVER. The route was too beautiful for words. TOO BEAUTIFUL. FOR. WORDS.


At this point of taking the photo our bike fell over and kinda got chipped, and we were worried we were gona have to pay the damage cost cos we didn’t buy insurance.. but once again, God to the rescue! We were spared of that later on :)


More biking led us to this serene spot, where we spent a vast amount of time taking jumping photos and laughing at Sara’s ridiculous dance poses even when she jumps. HI-YA!


More of the beautiful bluegreen ocean, and yes, that is my cap flying into lost waters. GOODBYE CAL CAP :(


We chanced upon a kid’s playground! And the instant response of everyone was.. AHH! SWINGS!! *RUN*. Childhood revisited. Nice. Until it started getting weird cos parents were looking at us suspiciously like we were gona kidnap their kids.


We biked out of the city into the, well, I don’t even know what to call it, countryside? It was SO PRETTY. I ran out of vocabulary for it I just kept saying “OMGOSH LOOK!! SO NICE!! THE VIEW!! SO NICE!!” Yeah “nice” was pretty much the best I could do, but it was SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!!!!!! ARRRR. We biked under a pathway of big autumn trees like we were in a Korean drama (hahaha) and past a field of dandelions (IM NOT KIDDING) and I just wish that I could’ve captured it all..

Okay this was going there. When we realized we were kinda late for returning the bikes and headed back at a faster speed, it was a pretty torturous ride cos the wind was against our faces and basically, WE WERE REALLY TIRED. Poor Rara! I felt sorry for her cos I was mostly freeloading on Yong’s pedalling but she soldiered on like a real trooper bean the whole way. And towards the end, we sang the SARS rap past the pier to motivate ourselves. USE YOUR BRAIN USE YOUR BRAIN USE YOUR BRAIN AH! – was rather inspirational.


After a very long and tiring day, we came to the NAVY PIER. And treated ourselves to a good dinner. The breadsticks were tres awesome.


The walk back to the train station was decorated with colours strewn across the sky. Sunsets are always surreal and magical. (I am honestly running out of vocabulary here for positive adjectives).

This night was spent watching CHEATERS, the trashiest and most addictive show on the planet. Then again, thats all of American reality TV I guess. HAHA.


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