BBT Chronicles Three


The BBT (reminder: Blessed Bean Trip) had come to an end! :( :( :( IS SADDER THAN CAN BE. Rara’s last day with us. We took photos at the familiar grass patch of “NATIVE VEGETATION: DO NOT MOW”, satisfied our Dunkin Donuts craving and blew bubbles outside the building.


After Rara left, we took a long walk to the cinema and caught ANGELS AND DEMONS! Which I honestly really liked. Many truths and quotable quotes in there. But there were too-gruesome moments. The girl next to me and I were BOTH cringing and had stuff over our eyes during those parts. Ahaha.


We went on the ferris wheel at the Navy Pier, and got drenched cos it started raining. But nonetheless, ferris wheel :) Cross-reference THE OC please. SARAH SPOTTISWOOD would understand me here. It poured while we were on the way back, and we totally got caught in the rain and were DRENCHED. So we found shelter in HOOTERS! Hohoho. And had CRAB for dinner. Awesome crab. We were near silent the whole of dinner and all you could hear were cracking of shells.. hahaha. This is not the last time CRABS make an appearance in this trip :)

x Extra travel info if you care:

We had to stay in the hotel lobby cos our flight was like, early morning. So we basically freeloaded off their internet connection, took their shuttle to the airport, flew to Vegas, and slept in the airport for like a few hours awaiting the arrival of Jackie and Huimin, so we could further freeload off them. YAY!


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