BBT Chronicles One


Alright people, I’m home!

Sadly I have this small flu, so my parents are all like, QUARANTINE. Pangsai. So while I rot at home and melt in the incredibly humid Singapore weather, I shall recap my summer with my awesome photos and be nostalgic but the best 2 months of my life. Boohoo :(

Our first day at Chicago, we chanced upon the MEMORIAL DAY PARADE! Haha funny, we had no idea it was even happening, we just randomly happened to find out about it. AWESOME much. On the bus to town Sara and I started recounting National Day songs.. and I couldn’t remember how “we will get there” went, and it haunted me for the WHOLE trip. Yong was very amused at our songs with “family and friends” and “dreams come true” being a recurring theme.


Okay after awhile it got boring so we went for lunch and exploration of the windy city!

Video of an acoustic performance at the sandwich place we had lunch. When the stars go blue. LOVE IT.


Some of the random things we came across. Bean is hot, I am Amerikan for a day, reliving our oompaloompa stance, imitating random statues, ROB RYAN, and bean is a flower girl. Haha.



We literally spent at least an hour at the water fountain place, looking at the kids run back and forth in the water. Twas hilarious. Top left blonde girl in blue shades, Bean says she’s “kinda loving it” and she wants to dress her kid like that next time. Hahaha. Middle right is our favourite kid of all, runner boy. I swear he ran a full marathon taking into account all the laps he did back and forth. And last of all, my favourite WIINIE THE POOH BOY!! Please look at him. He is the cutest.

Refer to videos for real life footage.

Runner boy crashes into winniethepooh/beery belly baby!!! TOO CUTE.



Then we found.. Buckingham fountain!! LOVE this fountain. It is so European and romantic and big and awesome and AWESOME did I say awesome? Look at Sara’s DANCER JUMP. HAHAHA.


After we went a-walking and stole bananas from a carton, we found this pretty garden place, climbed on top of a small hill, and did Beauty and the Beast-esque dandelion blowing. YEYA. Free spirits!


More exploring of Chicago led us to the famous GODBLESSAMERICA statue and the Disney store! Where Yong found Vanessa Hudgens made of plastic and I found the REAL winnie the pooh, in fond memory of the winniethepooh baby at the fountain..


Extreme walking + needing to use the bathroom led us to ATAS HOTEL DOT COM. Which had these really fly red lounge we just usurped and starting taking photos. PIMPING. Then we ran away in fear of the cleaning lady who caught us.


Cityskape of Chicago. How MAGNIFICENT! We walked from day till night, and still the city was equally beautiful to us. End of BBT day one. Well then again, not quite.. Sara and I stayed up watching slimming pants and body shaping infomercials and laughing our asses off.

Wait a minute, that was the night before.

Oh right, that was the night before when she first arrived. THIS night was spent watching Get Smart! And having the funnest experience of my life being SUPERMAN. Kinda like how your dad would do it to you when you were a kid. I miss that :(


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