My onthego life has been reduced to microblogging, hence the obsession with twitter – I’ve added it to the blog on the right column, but you can check out the nicer page in its full twitter glory here.

I’ve been updating pretty frequently.. one sentences do wonders.

We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today, where I discovered that I do not take well to REAL roller coasters. By REAL I mean the ones that are in Six Flags, because all the other roller coasters I’ve taken in my life have been rendered lame as of today, and I always thought I was pretty brave cos I could go on those. Now I know that I have been living a lie. I took 3 really scary rollercoasters and emerged out of it alive and well, but while I was strapped on those seats and being flung into the air in every manner possible, I swear it was seconds of pure torture. I PAID FOR TORTURE. This is just screwed up.

Okay it wasn’t thatttt terrible I guess, there were fun parts.

In addition, I had awesome Japanese food today at an expensive Japanese restaurant of which I did not pay (guilt is gnawing at my bones), to celebrate the birthday of a dude that I only met today. After which I followed them to Caroline’s apartment (of whom I’ve only met once) to cut cake eat watermelon and sing happy birthday (to the dude I met today AND their grandfather omged Korean old men are so cute in their Korean old men hats). After which I followed them to their grandfather’s apartment to meet their GRANDMOTHER and sit with the rest of their extended family and drink Yakult and play with Diesel, the cutest dog in the world.

It was a verrrryy interesting experience. Why don’t Chinese people bow when they see their parents/grandparents? I think it is a very valuable tradition that the Korean/Japanese have. It makes kids these days (spoilt little brats that they are) more respectful of elders.

The day ended with mochi ice cream. Ohhhhhh mochi ice cream I need you.


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