Vegas Highlights


VIVA LA VEGAS! Here is where we met up with Jackie and her cousin and shamelessly crashed their awesome hotel room.. and did a fully budgeted Vegas trip (while the two of them happily did the opposite HAHA).. until we made the mistake of going to the outlets. Blasted outlets.

Anyway, Vegas is a really strange town. Its an artificial city built on a desert, and you can still feel the natural desert-ness of the place – hot winds, dry atmosphere, but at the same time there is so much going on – bright lights, happy (maybe a little bit too happy) people. It is quite the living paradoxical city.

We did tonsss of walking and walking and more walking in the HOT BLAZING SUN (repeated note: DESERT). On a certain day there were girls just walking around in bikinis along the roads and I didn’t blame them. But despite the mad weather, I enjoyed every minute of our awesome exploration of the city. THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES SIAL. YEAH VEGAS.


x Jackie and Huimin!  We have lunch together and discover that even the skies look artificial in Vegas.

x The Strip. We kinda crashed in the afternoon, and only emerged at night.. the city is only alive then anyway aye.

x DOING LAUNDRY. For the first time in a REAL laundromat. Hoho. Who can say they’ve been to a laundromat in Vegas. HA.


x We went swimming while the two lazy bums slept. Swam, sang, caught grasshoppers, did merpeople impersonations, made a underwater musical. The legend of Jane continues.


x More walking of The Strip. Oooooooh bright lights.


x THE BELLAGIO LOBBY. Ridiculously beautiful glass flower ceiling.

x Bellagio water fountain show! Breathtaking.

x Emoing by the river, post-water show. Reminded me of Clarke Quay. Hmm.


Best photo of the water show. There you go. Magical.


x Downtown Vegas! We chanced upon a 60s festival, “Summer of 69”. YEAH IT WAS AS AWESOME AS IT SOUNDS :) You’ll have to wait for more photos and videos though.

x The famous Fremont Street Experience.


x THE VENETIAN. This has to be by far my FAVOURITE hotel of the lot along the Strip. I WANT TO GO TO VENICE. NOW.

x There was a WEDDING!!!

x Repeat: I want to go to Venice, now.


x Indoor gondola rides.

x Outdoor gondola ride :)

x More amazing venetian architecture.


x Blue tongues from Blue iced drinks which saved us from dying in the desert heat but were a total ripoff.

I took SO many photos in Vegas. Gosh its going to be madness trying to sort through them.. THIS IS IT FOR NOW :) After which we caught a 5 hour bus to LA. Which is where I am currently residing. Haha.


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