Highlights: Chicago


Because I won’t be able to do justice to my summer and blog properly about my travels till I get back to Singapore, I’m just gona do some HIGHLIGHTS! of the trip so far. First up is Chicago, also known as the BBT (aka Blessed Bean Trip) because on retrospect we realised that God was very good to us the whole trip, in terms of perfect weather the days we were outdoors, our sekret food cravings on holidays when everything should be closed, letting us chance upon special sightings and events like the Memorial Day Parade (unplanned), providing a tandem bike rental when they were all sold out (because I cannot ride a bike :( SHAMED)

And most importantly, Bean and I had SUCH an awesome time together, catching up and bringing out our inner childs. Many quotable quotes (and jingles) along the way, including “Can you help a friend” (courtesy of homeless man in Berkeley), “It’s always pleasant in Chicago” (inspired by Its always sunny in philadelphia), “Use your brain use your brain ah!” (of course, taken from our beloved SARS rap), and many many more.

So, welcome to Chicago, the windy city, the land of revolving doors, the perfect holiday spot that we all fell in love with. CHICAGO IS AWESOME. I’m kinda loving it (Oh Rara, sounds familiar?)


x Memorial Day parade + free American flag from random black man.

x Millenium Park, and everyone’s favourite fascination, the Kapoor sculpture.

x Crown fountain, which was filled with kids frolicking around. We spent like an HOUR standing there watching them, each picking our favourites – runner boy, winniethepooh, funkyglasses girl, pink baby, and GAP boys.


x Buckingham fountain HOW MAGNIFICENT YOU ARE. (+ us being chinese fairies flying to the moon. Ew.)

x Blowing dandelions on top of a green hill. Pretending to be Belle from Beauty&thebeast and singing I WANT SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS PROVINCIAL LIFE (ok that was just me pretending..)

x Crashing an extremely ATAS hotel (everything was in gold, okay) to use their shiniy monochrome toilet and then taking embarassing pimping photos on their pimping red interior.


x The Chicago Cityskape, by day and by night. Xoxo.


x The miracle that was Bobby’s Bike Hike.

x Biking to the Pier. (BEEYOOTIFUL)

x Flexing the muscles of victory and satisfaction of biking this far. HAHA.


We spent a long time here doing an elaborate series of photos, as you can see (sneak preview haha). The first photo is MY FAVOURITE but no one will understand except the three of us. Inside joke, inside joke. Sara strikes DANCER poses in EVERY JUMPING/CARTWHEELING PHOTO. Yong and I cower in shame at our lack of flexibility. Okay, maybe thats just me again.. the two of them had lots of fun cartwheeling back and forth.


x Bike tours continue. Reach a beach. BEEYOOTIFUL again.

x Chance upon A PLAYGROUND!! We swing and swing and relive our childhood :)

x Biking back becomes an ordeal because we are kinda behind time. Bean has been coined “Trooper bean”.

*Note about biking. BIKING CHICAGO IS THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD. It was breathtaking. (even though I didn’t bike most of it cos it was tandem..)


The Chicago sun sets, and we sigh. Its always pleasant in Chicago..


x Satisfied our dunkin donuts craving!!!

x Having a fun and bubbly time (hurhur) before Bean had to go :(

x CRABS. Thats all I’m going to say. CRABS.


x Ferris Wheel :)



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