You’re sure to meet some gentle people there


My last time in San Francisco, we went to Golden Gate Park.

I hadn’t gone the last time with the rest cos I was away over the weekend in LA visiting Rochelle. AND HOW ABOUT I TOTALLY MISSED OUT. I LOVE GGP. I just coined it that.. GGP. HAHA. Anyway the park is awesome because it is truly the heart of SF, where you find all the hippies and homeless and quirky people sprawled everywhere. Under trees with stray dogs running around, frisbees whirling in the air, the smell of weed over the entire hippie mountain, random girls tanning, and my favourite bit, THE DRUMLINE party of random people with their bongo drums joining in this massive drum performance which very much after awhile sounds very hynotising and trance-like. Woah.

Picture 1


Picture 4

DRUMLINE! Love the assortment of people. Apparently people just go there with their own drums and join in the fun. How cool is that.

Here are some videos. 1. Listen to the drumlike TRANCE. Hoho. 2. Spot the woman dancing. She is high on weed, drumbeats, and life. 3. SPOT THE UBER FLEXIBLE MAN doing random splits and crazy gymnastics.

Peace out.


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