Travel newsflash


I am currently on-the-go.

I packed up 4 months of my life on Thursday night, left Berkeley on Friday morning, reached Chicago about Friday evening, with a total ADVENTURE/INTO THE JUNGLE travel story attached to that journey, had an AWESOME time with THE BEAN Sara Tan Siying (Beans reunite, cruising Chicago!) the past few days, fell in love with Chicago over and over (the photos are legendary), and am now sitting in the lobby of the hotel trying to load American Idol (I HAVE NOT WATCHED THE FINALE YET THIS IS RIDONKULOUS). Our next flight is to Vegas and it is at 6am, hence the loafing in the hotel lobby off free wifi, dressed in track pants and an oversized Chicago tshirt that I just bought, because we got caught in the downpour on the way back from downtown. The long wait till it is time to leave + slow loading of Zshare explains the sudden blog post vomit. Ha.

Everything has happened in such a rush that it has not occurred to me that I’m not going back to Berkeley after this holiday. I HATE THE WORD SURREAL.


One Response to “Travel newsflash”

  1. XINWEI Says:

    HELLO MS YAP! :D Your life seems so interesting now :D Happy travelling!

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