Before 2am


This particular post is making me really sad.

In Berkeley, food places close real early and its so difficult to get food past like 10pm. The only places that open all the way till 2am (and thats not that late..) are LA BURRITA FINE MEXICAN FOOD, TOP DOG, and KING PIN DONUTS. And as you can well imagine, many a time we troop down the slope to grab a burrito, taco salad, a hot link dog, a chocolate covered donut, a sugar donut, or 12 small fresh donut pieces that taste like heaven in the cold. Before 2am, of course. Because we all know that nothing good happens after 2am.. according to HIMYM.

THERE HAVE BEEN COUNTLESS TRIPS TO THESE PLACES ALMOST EVERY OTHER NIGHT. Jackie and Yong racing down the street in a bid to mock my ‘lets hurry up’ and meeting half drunk Ihouse people there on the weekends, last minute decisions to get a top dog at 150am so that we can last the night studying..

:( SAD.


The outside of Top Dog and La Burrita, and THE ASIAN GHETTO. Which sells every kind of Asian food.


Fine Mexican Food, you are truly fine. Goodbye cheese quesadillas and chicken tacos.


King Pin donuts, you own dunkin’s ass. I will miss your sugary goodness which should only come in single doses because we always regret buying two. Note to self: donuts always look irresistable ate at night because of special lighting. THE LIGHT PLAYS TRICKS WITH YOUR EYES.

I am going to get such bad supper withdrawl symptoms when I get back to SG.


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