Leave that light on for me


The Ihouse library. Creaky uncomfortable wooden chairs, eerie green lamps hovering above with their faint glow, the suffocation and lack of fresh air on hot, crowded days, the empty whirring of the air conditioning on empty days, the big blue chairs that induce instant sleep, and the blankets and pillows strewn across seats by Korean girls who never go to bed.. (shudder).

This is where we are enslaved at the moment. (1 more paper to go, 1 more exam on Wed!)





And for those who have finished their papers, or who just simply don’t want to study..


Yes, surely you should hang outside the library door and perform stunts. Tsktsk, kids.

P.S. Sir! (if you are reading this) Are the libraries the same as you remembered them? Haha!


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