All the movies I’ve watched in Berkeley. So far.

The times we’ve trudged down the route to Shattuck, braving the blistering cold and ridiculous Amerikan ticket prices.

1. Benjamin Button – this was really early in the semster. When Brad Pitt appeared in aviators riding his bike with his hair combed back, the 3 hours was all worth it. To quote Jackie, “I was waiting the whole movie for that.” And who can forget that Shamil confessed to shedding one too many tears while he was sitting separately from us. HAHAHA.

2. He’s Just Not That Into You – everyone’s anticipated movie. Jen’s nose job is terrible, Drew Barrymore should have had more screentime, Scarlett Johansson is every guy’s dreamgirl and I still cannot wrap my head around why – and the boys came out of this one having cringed at multiple cliches. Who cares, I still went AWWWW when Ben Affleck got down on one knee.

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic – a spontaneous movie moment. While passing the cinema I was like JACKIE! LOOK! ITS SHOWING AT (INSERT TIME)!! WHAT TIME IS IT? *checks watch* and we both GASP IN EXCITEMENT LETS GO WATCH LETS GO WATCH! We failed to persuade the boys and a very uninterested Shamil and Yong abandoned the two of us to our own shopaholic indulgences via the big screen. That green scarf is impeccable and I am still looking for that heavenly shade.

4. Watchmen – muchly anticipated as well, and my brain was all tied up in knots when the movie was finished. So many awesome movie moments and literature/history cross-referencing – its been awhile since my brain had the intellectual exercise. We gushed about the show the entire walk up and gushed somemore and the next day Yong bought the comic book, while I fondly recollected a few copies of the same comic lying around in my home in sunny Singapore.

5. Dragonball Evolution – Ah well, what can I say. When Goku emerged I was like omygosh they could have at the very least made him asian!?!? Chow Yun Fatt was so cute though. And I was really sad when Goku’s grandfather died. Um okay, that was pretty much the whole movie summed up.

6. I Love You, Man – Jason Segal is the man. I see Marshall Eriksen in every show he stars in though. That is potentially the problem of his movie career. The female lead had way too many fake tans – she was the colour of burnt caramel.

7. Paris, Je t’aime – Okay this is cheating cos I didn’t watch this at the movies, obviously. I watched it at one of the ihouse movie nights. 18 short stories in Paris, to make you fall in love with Paris 18 times. I loved the narrative text for the story that Natalie Portman was in.

8. X-men Origins: Wolverine – Okay one word for Hugh Jackman: RIPPED. And for the rest of the movie: GAMBIT FTW <3

9. 17 Again – I just watched this 2 nights ago. I was falling asleep at the beginning – WHAT HAPPENED TO CHANDLER he used to be funny and my favourite Friends character! Michelle Trachtenberg’s bad hair parting was so distracting through the entire movie, and the highlight of the show was Zac Efron spinning a basketball on multiple fingers in the school canteen.


One of those late nights at the movies.


Hey, doing movie reviews are pretty fun!

Oh and since we are on the topic of movies, Jarvis introduced us to a new BRITISH slang that day over lunch.


Yes, they stand for Romantic Comedies. His response to my incredulous look was, “What? You have sit-coms, and you have rom-coms!”


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