O LOVER (where’s my cupcake)



I have had a cupcake craving SINCE MY BIRTHDAY (you can ask TARNIA for proof. I told her then) – so its been three months before my craving was satisfied.

Oh cupcake made of icing, flour and chocolately goodness, where have you been all my life?


Oh but Ame, I think our end of exam cupcakes were the best – so WE’LL BAKE MORE TOGETHER WHEN WE BOTH ARE IN SG OKAY?


2 Responses to “O LOVER (where’s my cupcake)”

  1. daph Says:

    i always like your picture collages and the colors!

  2. amelia Says:

    i SO want to bake now!!! you know I realise that I always turn to baking when I need to relieve stress? now i can’t do that cause I’m banned from the kitchen :( Bake we must at the end of the year. MUST MUST!

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