After all the friends and family that I’ve talked to, going back and forth and being conflicted and confused, your reply via email was so unexpected in my state of mind. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear – not what I expected to hear at all even, it wasn’t patronizing, it wasn’t sugar coated so that it sounded acceptable, and at the same time it wasn’t stinging, it wasn’t doubting, it did not rip me to pieces and reduce me to shreds. I’m having difficulty even putting into words how I feel about what I just read, and all I can say is that even though this is the first time I’m talking to you since I’ve got to Berkeley, you have been such a pillar of support no matter where I am. Not only of support, but of wise words and godly counsel, and no words can express how grateful I am that God has given me such an awesome friend. Gosh. Thank you, really.

Keep checking your heart.


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