Feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen


THE IHOUSE PROM aka SPRING EXTRAVAGANZA 2009 was held at Treasure Island, which is a random little island off the Bay Area. Hohoho such an exciting name. Apparently its a popular filming location.

Anyway earlier in the afternoon everyone (more like JUST THE BOYS) were busy trying out their suits/rented tuxes/etc and asking for opinions. At 3pm our room became a mega WAREHOUSE with shoe boxes, Macy’s hangers, and clothes strewn all over the bed and chairs. Pete came in first to ask about his shirt, and then just as he was about to leave, Rafi showed up with all his gear and then took a long time being a peacock in the mirror before he decided to go with the James Bond (not Steve Carrell HAHA) look. After which we made Shamil try on his rented tux. TUXEDO SIAL. HARDCORE. But it was nice :)

Watch the Bridal procession make its way down the 7th floor corridor. And Shamil got June a corsage HOHO SO SWEET OMYTIAAAAN and it was really like he was going to propose cos he was in the tux and all, holding a box of white carnations. AWWW. And the picture of them below makes it look like they have just been newlywed. Hahaha.


Please look at the SEXY SCANDALOUS photo of Jackie and Allen on the bus. HAHAHA.

IT WAS RAINING when everyone had to queue up for the buses so everyone got WET and people’s hair all got ruined and we were so COLD while waiting. People were all walking around in formal attire getting ready and as we passed the library, we saw the POOR SODS who had chose to not go for prom and stay in the Ihouse to mug instead. SAD LIFE CAN.


:) Shamil & June, Allen & Jackie, Jarvis & Tammy, Yong & I.


And this was our venue.. TREASURE ISLAND. I honestly thought it was a realllllly nice place especially the view of the Bay Area skyline – you could see the Bay bridge and everything lighted up it was sooo nice. The hall was a bit weird for a dance party cos it was like LONG, and one end sold the alcohol while the other end sold food so people had to walk back and forth a really long stretch haha.


EVERYBODY READY TO PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR. Anyway pls ignore Rafi’s lecherous face and instead look at TURUL’S HAIR. Omgosh it was SO badass cos it was all combed back and long, and we were like OHHHHH SNAP so cool. And ANDERS looked soooo handsome it wasn’t even funny but too bad I didn’t manage to get a photo. Norwegians are quickly climbing the hottest Europeans list.


The Japanese dude in the middle wearing the vest, is THE ULTIMATE PARA PARA DANCE KING. He is seriously ammaaazzzing. He started his PARA PARA coolness in the middle of the dance floor and all the boys went crazy with him and started copying his moves. HAHA. And para para always comes across as gay BUT NO, HE MAKES IT SO COOL. HE IS THE COOLEST JAPANESE IN THE WORLD.


After dancing half the night away we FINALLY FOUND RAFI. Cos he was on a separate bus. And when we found him, he was with ERIK (aka Erik is Everywhere). It was such a recipie for trouble. And this is what we found them doing.

HAHAHAHAHA please look at how Rafi’s ailed and unfit body fails to keep up. SO FUNNY.

After we were all ridonkulously tired out, we did a whole series of Action Asian Photos.


SHAMIL IS THE ULTIMATE FAILURE AT ACTION ASIAN PHOTOS. Such a non-asian. Anyway I love the last photo HAHA we were going to take like a normal shot but then suddenly gangsta music came on and we all started gangsta dancing toward the camera and this was the outcome.

WE RETURNED AT ABOUT 2AM LIKE ALL OUT OF ENERGY, had pizza in the Great Hall, everyone came to our room and we all hung out till about 4am and then CRASHED. The next morning ihouse was overcome by this aura of tiredness and hangovers, and people were just drifting aimlessly through the corridors and halls, still tired out from the night before. Hahaha.

THEN, later on at night, there was a Dutch Party and it was ANOTHER dance party in the cafe. We all regained our energy back by then. Oh that was another fun night – of orange, dance trains around the cafe, marching to dutch music, watching Charles go uncontrollably CRAZY on the dance floor all over again, retiring to the room to drink and play SAMYUGU (clapclapclapclap), learn RANDOM KOREAN PHRASES, singalong to Britney, TWIST AND SHOUT (in memory of Yushi) down the corridor HAHAHAHA and witness a hallmarking event in the book of embarassing things that Shamil has done in Berkeley. I know I laughed till I cried. Twice.


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  1. gid Says:

    I like how someone is tastefully blocking the statue’s crotch.

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