Late night snack thoughts


I’ve been sick on and off for the past week and even over the weekend while we were in Santa Cruz, and now I am sitting on the top bunk on my bed eating salted crackers thinking 1. I HATE BEING SICK and 2. I WANT TO BE WELL and 3. I have to be well by Friday night cos its prom and 4. I bet my parents are freaking out right now cos they think I might have swine flu. I DO NOT, btw. Part of the symptoms of swine flu is loss of appetite and I have well NOT lost my appetite – to my dismay actually, since I’ve discovered the loss of my chinline – so no worries there.

Speaking of swine flu, I think I’m going to get quarantined when I get back to SG. So get ready to visit me, people. Come bearing gifts.

Shamil and I have concluded that our exchange program has been (and is still) full of nonstop Bond action and Korean drama, stuff that we totally did not expect to happen ever. That’s life for you. Jackie needs to prepare 2 red buttons for both of us when we fly back. To replenish tissues and drain planes from floods. Inside jokes. Hurhur.

I have 24 days left in Berkeley. This is ridonkulously sad.

P.S. I am working on the SPRINGFEST/CAL DAY entry, which was a week ago. Then there’s Santa Cruz, then there’s Sunday Supper. Patience is a virtue.


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