Strawberry fields forever



Yesterday was especially RIDONKULOUS. I didn’t step out of ihouse but from the windows of the lounge I could feel the heat radiating in and it was like, AN AFRIKAN DESERT. Omgosh. Jackie came back and she was like, you do NOT want to go out. Ahahaha. And of course when the sun comes out, so does everyone’s TRUE CALIFORNIAN SPIRIT, which comprises of bikinis and suntan lotion.

So we went to Strawberry Canyon – such a cute name for a swimming place I am in love with it – and when we arrived the entire grass patch was PACKED WITH BODIES like seriously, packed. Like people were all side by side cos there was no space. But it was a really colourful sight ahahahaha. Hohoho and the pool was full too. With bikinified girls AND kiddies. That has to be wrong.

But anyway, like a true Asian I had to take photos. Rating to be advised.


I have more photos but I want to keep this blog as PG-13 as possible. Ahahaha. Jackie and Elaine sat there playing with their ITOUCH THE ENTIRE TIME -.-

After which, I went with Yong to cut his hair – FINALLY. His hair was so long and gross and he was fully beginning to look like a girl. But all the guys have a phobia about cutting hair here cos most of the hairstyles turn out really whack. And Yong was like, PANICKING while waiting for his turn. Like mumbling, this is a bad idea.. oh I shouldn’t have come.. ahahahaha it was really funny. IN THE END IT TURNED OUT TOTALLY FINE. And the Korean hairdresser woman had to threateningly ask him 19021023 times if he wanted her to cut his fringe before he finally gave in.


Now everyone has had their hair cut! Except for me. I am seriously contemplating if I should cut my fringe myself or something. It is growing a life of its own.

P.S. SHOUTOUT TO JON! This haircutting experience was extremeley reminiscent of the moehawk episode of 2008.


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