Rafi’s 25th


Rafi’s 25th birthday on Thurs night. He hadn’t shown up after 3 hours of the party getting started, so we went up to find him. And Caroline (girl in pink with weird gaps in her teeth. hmm) went up to him and gave him a SLAP ON HIS FACE HAHAHA OMGOSH the rest of us were like WTH and she was like THERE ARE 30 PEOPLE WAITING FOR YOU AND YOU ARE NOT AT YOUR OWN PARTY yada yada and to cut a long story short, after I was forced to put eyeliner on him, he got dragged downstairs and entered the room with two girls on his arm, just the way he wanted it :) Gosh, Raphael.




I have no idea what they were singing. I need Rafi to translate. Probably some european birthday toast… then again, you never know.


Asians eat chips and take photos. HAHAHA. Okay kidding. After this my camera DIED :( I was so upset!!! ARGH I used Jackie’s camera later on when we left Ihouse but I didn’t manage to capture the madness of the rest of the night which was playing Rafi’s games – musical chairs and music game and later on sooo many other people arrived at the party and then it got really fun cos Rafi had to recruit people to keep shouting for everyone to shut up to explain the rules of the game cos everyone was like TALKING REALLY LOUDLY COS THEY WERE ALL HIGH AND HAPPY AND NOT WANTING TO PLAY GAMES. And then the game just got distorted and disrupted and it was SO FUNNY to watch omgoshhh.

Later events of the night. People dispersed to find frat parties, Rafi was upset, we convinced him to go to the frat parties with the rest, ended up a huge bunch of us marching down Piedmont Ave, Eric wanders into Jewish frat house, we take photos with bunny ears, Charles wears the bunny ears and starts hopping around, Eric and Yong become sworn brothers, Shamil appears after coming back from Gaslight Anthem concert.

SUCH A FUNNY NIGHT mygoodness so many crazy things happened and I just want to laugh right now I wish I’d videoed everything! Ahahaha. And at the end of the night, I AM SO HAPPY AND CONTENT AND IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE. And I fell asleep feeling loved back :)


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