I met Jon on Thursday in SAN FRANCISCO to wear flowers in our hair and meet gentle people there. We walked the whole of Haight Street (yeyah we are true hippies at heart), had BK, crepe, met scary drunk 30centsforbeer man and 30yearsinSF singaporean (note the pattern) as well as WHICHISWITHCHEESE BK woman. We had many interesting encounters indeed. Fancy being able to hang out together for an entire day like that in SF! Gosh it was amazing. Oh and of course, H2H along the way. Some unexpected exchange of information at the end when we nearly got blown away by the SF wind. LIKE SRSLY. HAHA.

The same night was RAFI’S BIRTHDAAAAY he is 25 omgosh. He was like 3 hours late for his own party cos he wanted a grand entrance and he made me put eyeliner on him because he wanted to look like Green Day. Gosh. And he entered the Gamble Lounge with 2 girls linking his arms because, once again, he wanted to make a grand entrance. The entire party was filled with these europeans and we were like minority group watching in amusement as European men sang in deep husky voices a German birthday song. Video shall be up. Rafi tried to play his games (he prepared 4) but only got till the middle of the 2nd game – which was SO FUNNY OMGOSH Eric and his whatsthat? german marching? okay its ww2 I get it HAHAHAHA – guessing the song and snatching the coconut, before we got chased down by the RA into the Games Room but along the way people dispersed and so the 10+ of us decided to go to a frat party but there were none (THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS FOR SOME REASON. I think we are jinxed) so we walked around in the middle of the night making lots of noise and wandering into frat houses and eventually back into the Ihouse.

Oh gosh so many funny things happened that night. Anonymous group of friends that shall not be named were playing pingpongpang and other screaming games and we managed to escape. H2H (by far the best and most honest we’ve had) after, away from the public eye :)

I met DAKORKOR on Friday afternoon in SAN FRANCISCO this time to be exploited in manual labour by carrying his online purchases all the way to the hotel and also exploit him by making him pay for my token shopping. Aha. And in return he paid Yong and I commission for our manual labour and we had dinner at Salt House after nua-ing in the hotel room for forever. It was exquisite Fine dining, my friends.

Today was CAL DAY (i.e. Cal Open House) as well as SPRINGFEST in the Ihouse which is like the biggest event for Ihouse in the year. They had a million cultural booths and performances and a cultural fashion show and free food and food you have to pay and stickers and more freebies and balloons. Like a massive cultural funfair. Cal Day was pretty fun too, it was the usual open house stuff around campus PLUS singing dancing free stuff.. you get the picture. The weather was PERFECT it couldn’t have been more perfect and also facilitative of the frat houses which had bouncy castles and water slides and girls in bikinis prancing around the garden and everyone getting drunk in the afternoon. I HAVE VIDEO PROOF. Walking past was quite an experience. Literally it looked like a movie scene, except it was real. HAHA. So entertaining. Later on Rafi Shamil random German tall man and I walked around campus and Rafi and random German tall man kept throwing a water bottle back and forth and it nearly hit a girl and a car. SUCH A FUN DAY.

We just came back from SUN HONG KONG DINNER I am so full and so tired cos of all the walking and the sun is making me SO TIRED but Yong wants to go hiking and Jackie has disappeared and Shamil is indecisive.



3 Responses to “Snipsnipsnip”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i do believe you mean ‘but exploited him in return’ instead of ‘also exploit him’. Living in the USA evidently has caused your English to deprove.

  2. da korkor Says:

    i am displeased that you have not posted fotos of our fine dining and also reserved a separate post to extol my virtues as an elder brother as person

  3. ilightfirecrackers Says:


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