Last night, we went to eat at Sun Hong Kong and stuffed ourselves silly with cheap and good chinese food – rice, sweet&sour pork, kungpao chicken, tofu&veg. Happy, satisfied. We took a walk around Shattuck – checked movie timings, went into Games of Berkeley and I realized I still don’t know how to play chess, discovered this cool game called WASGIJ which I want to buy back for the brothers, and saw different kinds of Monopoly and finger puppets. Walked some more, discovered new random eating places to which we kept saying “I think next time we should eat here” – but knowing that we probably aren’t going to. We passed by one man playing an electric guitar, one man playing the saxaphone, and one man singing on the streets, and a very happy me said, we’re lucky today. Had four flavours of gelato, bought tickets to Dragonball (zomg) – almost had the cinema to ourselves (and a rat). Dragonball ended in 1 hr and 20 mins and the main character was NOT EVEN ASIAN. We had interspersed conversation and we talked about religion and tradition and childhood and love languages and travelling, and pretended like it was really cold when it probably wasn’t. Comfortable and broken in.


2 Responses to “Stay”

  1. micheyeo Says:

    hi woman I just allowed myself to get TOADILY distracted by your JC spanglesplat blog, and I was re-reading all your old entries about orientation and mathless shenanigans and big birthday bashes and aiyaahhhhh miss it all laaaa and miss you too <3

  2. ilightfirecrackers Says:

    hahahaha THIS IS WHY I KEEP BLOGS. SO THAT I CAN READ BACK AND LAUGH AND REMEMBER AND REMINISCE not just general things, but SPECIFIC MEMORIES :) :) i mees you too meeseowwwwwwwww

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