We took a bus to Philly at night, and while we were waiting for the bus in NYC who did I spot but our very own JON ONG. Of which he was HORRIFIED to see me because he was actually giving Caleb a SURPLIES by showing up for the musical. So a funny twist of fate and I ended up sitting next to Jon on the two hour bus ride. And because he wanted to be SO SEKRETIVE I couldn’t even tell my MOM that he was next to me when she called me on the bus. HELLO MOTHER NOT MY FAULT.

Checked into Club Quarters and three of us were AMAYZED at what a GREAT HOTEL IT WAS. How about our room was almost like a penthouse can. With DUVET BLANKETS, ROOF WINDOW and everything – too bad we couldn’t see the stars. We were even more pleased to find out that THERE WAS ORDER IN FOR EVERYTHING and it was SO cheap so we had a field day of a dinner. HOHOHO. INDULGENCE ONCE AGAIN.


The next morning we had to wake up early to take the half an hour walk to UPenn in time for the seminar part of Diaspura 2. WE WERE ALMOST LATE. But we made it in the end. LOOK! ITS MR BROWN! Ahahaha. Halfway through the seminar I got an URGENT TEXT/CALL from Shamil and Jarvis asking for the Enterprise car number and we were so freaked out we thought they got into an accident or something. But turns out that Jarvis locked the keys IN THE BOOT. HAHA. So they had to call for roadside assistance. SIGH.


Post-singapore lunch  was followed by short tour of campus (that I am all too familar with omged) and unhealthy B&Js which made us all go on a sugar highhhh. And we crashed in the afternoon. (okay I crashed. The two of them went a-walking AGAIN hahahaha but I couldn’t be bothered cos I’ve seen Philly too many times).



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