28/03-29/03 (SING CITY 2 THE MUSICAL)


The Brothers Yap put up the sequel to the musical that was done 2 years ago at Penn – Sing, City 2! Thanks to the brother, we got VIP seats on the couch even though we were slightly late hoho. And then we had the most entertaining two hours of our holiday. SO FUN. Here are some photos. Sorry they are all yellow-ish.


Oh yes, I forgot to mention all the SINGAPOREANZ I met on the trip to Philly.


Jon, TAN SIYOU!!!!!!! GAHH!!! Zhiwei, Limmy, and Daph! And of course my brother as well :) SO happy seeing all of them there.

I think I appreciated the musical this time so much more because I actually fully understood all the inside jokes about being a freshie and trying new things, having late night snacks, inside jokes, loneliness disease, instant noodle metaphors, and so on :) Twas awesome.



Excerpts of songs. I’m just going to post the lyrics of the portions that are in the video.


If you’re gonna be fresh
You can only get better
Cos we got the time to try
We’re not gonna be fresh forever
But just for now
Time is on our side

Lets make a toast to making the most (of our time)
Of a bad situation
Here’s to procrastination!
To weed! To grass! To sleeping in class!
To sweatpants with juicy written all over the ass!

THATS MY MACDONALDS. We related very strongly to this song about late night food snacking.

There’s a Macs at fortieth street
Where the trust fund kids and the homeless meet
Where every man wants to be
At the front of the queue
That’s my Macdonalds

Eating bad food to stay awake (its alright)
You can be my Macdonald’s break every night
There’s one place where the doors don’t close
And they don’t turn out the lights

Staying up on a sugar rush (is alright)
Never liked the food as much (as you)
You’re my happy meal at the end of the golden arches

RANDOM SCHOOL FACILITY. You can only hear lots of shouting and laughing for this video, sadly.

I never expected to be
Hit by the love of a lifetime (of a lifetime)
In a random school facility

We never imagined to meet
Someone especially special (oh so special)
For the very first time
In a random school facility

SEKALI I. But I already gave the link to the full song on Mr Brown’s blog, complete with lyrics.

Sekali you (maybe you)
Don’t want me (you dowan my love)
And maybe you (sekali you)
Jio another zar bo more pretty

Oh my heart picha (ping ping piang piang)
Into many small small pieces
I pray to Buddha Mohammed Ganesh and Jesus
That sekali you
Will be mine (zo wa eh sim kua)

No words can replace (no need for translation)
Regardless of race (language or religion)
As long as you understand the language of love
Is when I hold your hand
Then that’s good enough (good enough)
For me

Steady bom pi pi


The next morning we met with everyone for brunch in Chinatown at a dimsum restaurant. AWESOME FOODZ CAN. After which we had to take a bus back to NYC and then to JFK to catch our flight back. Very interestingly, I sat with TEOH ZHIWEI for the two hour bus ride to NY cos he was also going back, and we had to most strange and hilarious conversation EVER. I don’t usually talk to Zhiwei for long periods of time one on one, but ohmygosh so funny can. We were totally reminiscing and talking about the good ol days, all the stupid things that had happened, stories, and I was also being HARASSED for a good one hour of the trip – he even CALLED UP CALEB to discuss his matchmaking plans for me mytian. But it was reallaye reallaye fun, catching up after that long. Zhiwei is so retarded.


The events of the day. The first photo was taken on the bus ride with Jon to Philly, where he drastically fell asleep halfway while mixing music on his laptop. HA.

The flight back was pretty disastrous cos we got delayed like one and a half hours due to bad weather and when we took off THE TURBULENCE WAS MAD I think we were caught in a thunderstorm or something. The plane was rocking violently like VIOLENTLY I thought I was going to die can. I was praying so hard but okay la I survived in the end by the grace of God. Hoho good to be alive.


So ladies and gentlemen, that marks the end of my FUNTASTIK SPRING BREAK (and also the end of my word-picture vomit). I am really sad that it is over and I want it to last like 3 more weeks :( Or forever, if possible. But now its back to Ihouse and Berkeley – which is still home sweet home :)

And last but not least, a tribute to the two friends that flew all the way with me across the USA to spend a crammed four day holiday (but it was so good aye!) on the East side to accompany me cos I wanted to visit my brother.




2 Responses to “28/03-29/03 (SING CITY 2 THE MUSICAL)”

  1. daph Says:

    so that’s jon’s sleeping picture! hahaha. thanks for the videos, some songs still get stuck in my head and it gets me edgy when i dont know how the melody follows.
    it was good to see you, finally!

  2. […] Also some pictures and more videos of Sing, City 2 here. […]

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