Of course, coming to San Diego we HAD to go see its WORLD FAMOUS ZOO. So we spent the WHOLE of Tuesday at the zoo omged I nearly died I was SO TIRED by the end of it. But Shamil and I concluded that the Singapore Zoo is comparable :) Maybe not in terms of diversity of wildlife (hurhur), but other than that, the Singapore Zoo is pretty awesome as well. HA we are such patriots.


We saw like 128102393 billion animals in one day. That is WAY too many.

Of course we mainly went for Jarvis so he could see an elephant. The boy has never seen an elephant IN HIS LIFE. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME. Side note: I LOVE ELEPHANTS <33 They are such kind and honest looking creatures.

The animal that fascinated me the most that day was THE MONKEY. Or monkeys. It was so scary watching them cos they looked soooooo human like. Hoho and the last animal we saw were the BONOBOS, which apparently were monkeys which had sex all day long – but when we got there, we saw something even GROSSER. Omged I couldn’t even chew my gum. They were eating their own FAECES. OMGED. TOTALLAYE RIDONKULOUS ANIMALS CAN.


Ahahaha this is funny. Each of us and our national animal. The NZlander and his Kiwi, Jackie is psuedo-australian with her Koala bear, Shamil and I are trueblue lion city dwellers and believe it or not, England’s national animal is the lion too. WHUUUUUT.


We were EXHAUSTED by the end. Hoho.


Dinner was a highlight – we had an ORIENTAL ALLYOUCANEAT BUFFET which had every single oriental AND non-oriental kind of food in the world. We all felt pretty sick after that. That was also the night that Shamil and I witnessed the backstroking driverseat woman and I laughed like I never laughed before SO NOT FUNNY but then again it was THE FUNNIEST THING IVE SEEN IN MA LIFE I cannot get over it AHAHHAAHAHA.

Later on that night I got persuaded into going to the ALLAMERIKAN BAR with Jarvis and Shamil. And it was truly ALL AMERIKAN. Like those bars that you see in movies hoho.


And this was the night that I got free chocolate and later on fell asleep in the bar..which led to Jackie calling me a loser. MY ROOMMATE HATES ME!!!!!! Ahahahahaha.

We came back to the room at about 2am and the two of them were already sleeping and to our horror there was a PYRAMID OF BEER CANS on the table mytian.

Ahahaha then we woke them up and thus started the EPIC night of madness. SO FUN. I didn’t want to let anyone sleep cos I kept saying its the last night we were all gona be together for Spring Break and so IT WILL BE THE END OF AN ERA if someone sleeps!! And so we stayed up talking nonsense and went one round playing FIRST IMPRESSIONS hahaha I cannot take this. Everyone thought Yong had a Korean pop star thing going on. SO funny. And we talked about how we were speculating what kinda person Jarvis would be like before he came. Scary britishman who eats cake on his bed. AHAHA.

The night went on and on until Jarvis fell asleep SPOILSPORT (END OF AN ERA CAN) and JACKIE very championly took up the other spot on his bed which left Yong and I WITH SHAMIL THE SNORER OMGED. I cannot believe we survived. (Actually the scarier thing was that when we woke up the next morning Jackie didn’t remember anything MYGOSH see la pyramid of beer somemore).

YOU SEE, every single night Shamil has to put on this NOSE THING for snoring and spray this ANTI-SNORE thing (DOUBLE PROTECTION HAHA) so that he doesnt KILL all of us with his snoring. Which has to be described as a FULL ON TRAIN COMING RIGHT AT YOU TO KILL YOU, HARDCORE. The snoring is too intense. And even when he does precautionary measures it doesn’t always work, so we always wake up in the middle of the night either 1. shouting SHAMIL!! WAKEUP or 2. tempted to throw something at him like the comfort bear or 3. swearing in our sleep. Okay not me, but the rest of them. Ahahahahaha.

That night HE SNORED LIKE NEVER BEFORE omatian. And it was worse because usually he sleeps on the other side of the room but now he was RIGHT next to us so it was SURROUND SOUND SPEAKERS IN YOUR EARS. And I know TWICE I woke up and whacked him and once Jarvis shouted at him like SHAMIL! WAKE UP AND SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE!!!!! AHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY.


The morning after. Please look at Jackie and Yong’s pride and joy of A BEER CAN PYRAMID. Aiyoma.

We checked out and went to WALMART (YAY!!!) and did some shopping. When I emerged, the boys had SKATEBOARDS in their hands and I was like omgosh you have to be kidding me. Cos they’ve been talking about getting a skateboard since like JANUARY and Jackie and I were always like, they’re never going to get it.. but now Walmart provided them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams at a rather low cost. Ahahaha so they were skating around the carpark and SHAMIL FELL OFF I HAVE A VIDEO HAHA.

That kinda marked the end of the first leg of the trip. Six days, with the five of us all together. After which Shamil and Jarvis dropped the three of us at LAX to catch our flight to NYC. Second leg coming up! Four days on the east side! WHEW. I cannot believe I am so efficient.


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  1. gid Says:

    I first read it as eating their own FACES and I was highly confused. TOO MANY PICTURES OMG. you pseudo americans are too free.

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