19/03- 20/03


The attempt to recount the chronicles. Begins.

We set off on Thurs night, fully maximizing Spring break hurhur (which technically started on Monday but whatever. MAXIMIZE!) Four of us went to collect the car, Jarvis nearly got a heart attack in cold sweat with Shamil driving us back for the first time. Had dinner, got our bags and were on our way. Raphael came to send us off from our room all the way till when we left in the car aww so sweeeet :) Hahaha.


Twas a four hour long drive to ATASCADERO. Random inbetween mid point where we booked to stay the night.. along the way we stopped by the DODGIEST MOST REMOTELY ULU-ATED PETROL STATION EVER. Pitch black dot com dot sg. And after trying to find the entrance to the petrol station, we realized it was CLOSED. Jackie and I were taking random photos on the road and suddenly we heard someone shouting something and we thought it was one of the boys – and later we realized it was the shop owner shouting if there were intruders or something. OMATIAN. HAHAHA.

The four hours drive consisted of headbanging music and being able to see the MOST BEAUTIFUL STARS IN THE WORLD. We were in the car driving past like pitch black areas and suddenly Yong was like omgosh stars stars and I was like where where and I strained to look out of the window and OMGOSH STARS STARS!! Like I’ve never seen before. So beautiful omatian. I wanted to just jump out of the car and lie down outside. Or alternatively we could have had a sunroof. Or a convertible. But you know.

Conclusion: stars are magical things.


We arrived safely YAY and spent the night. In the morning Shamil overheated his OATMEAL in the microwave oven which resulted in him having to scrape pieces of oatmeal out. HAHAHAHA omgosh so funny. And the boys spent the morning transfixed on Tom & Jerry -.- aiyoma. OH YES AND COMFORT BEAR CAME ALONG THE TRIP! OF COURSE :) :) :)


Another pit stop along the way that was not included in the original plan. SANTA BARBARA. The boys wanted to see where UCSB was – apparently its the no. 2 party school in Californiaaa. But nyeh, we all concluded that we love Cal better. Aha biased much.


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