To all those people who are concerned that my blog is dead, ITS NOT DEAD LAH I WAS JUST AWAY ON SPRING BREAK WHY ARE PEOPLE SO IMPATIENT. SHEESH.

Anyway we just touched down in SF about two hours ago. Hoho surreal being back at ihouse, so surreal that spring break is OVER. Ultimate Sadness. Spring break should be a month long. I DONT WANT SCHOOL TO START ARGH RANT ARGH RANT.

In other news, Spring break was the bombs. LA, SD, NYC and Philly.

Too many photos and way too many stories, so everything shall come in small doses.

But for the moment,  JUST FOR MY BROTHERS + PARENTS: Sing, City 2 (aka the Brothers Yap Musical Production the Second), was Phenomenal. I enjoyed it even more than the first one two years ago because I COULD TOTALLY RELATE TO ALL THE JOKES ABOUT LIFE OVERSEAS and like being a freshie and trying new things and etc etc etc SO MANY THINGS – and the best part is I got to share it with Jackie and Yong who were there with me, and we could ALL relate to it in our Berkeley experience. It was pretty darn good.

And a shoutout to DAKORKOR. YOUR SONGS – esp Sekali – REEK of you. It was almost like watching you up there doing a monologue in song and dance. Ahahahaha. But I loved it. Hohoho. ALSO, I SAW WHAT YOU WROTE IN YOUR ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS  about me being single and available thankyouverymuchlor ohmytianz.

After watching the musical, I was honestly glowing with pride. I was so proud of my brothers I think my head started to swell. And it also made me miss my whole family more. Cannot wait for the whole family to be reunited in a few months – the first time all six of us will be staying together permanently (moreorless) in SEVEN YEARS. Hoho I foresee fun times ahead. More late nights with AMY. Excite.

Philly was extra exciting cos I got to see people from home. My brother Yappy yap, of course, (CUT YOUR HAIR PLEASE CAN) and TANSIYOU, Daph, Jon Ong, Limmy, and Zhiwei. The funniest thing was that I took the bus to Philly sitting next to Jon, and the bus back to New York with Zhiwei. HAHAHA. Okay stories for another day.

I am scared of counting the number of photos I took for Spring break….. cos on day 5 I think I had 600 already. HOHO I have to do some serious selection! Jackie and I are eating instant noodles now after having a shower and I feel like a million bucks okay now it is time to go take our laundry…

Be patient, people.


2 Responses to “I AM ALIVE”

  1. gid Says:

    I think there will be portentous signs like two-headed cows and meteorites flying all over the place when the yaps are all back. it will signal the end of the world.

  2. caleb Says:

    yeshhh put up pictures! esp on accessible media- fb!

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