Lovemail from Mattar Road (albeit a bit late for my birthday HAHAHA).


:) LOVE all the cover art and envelope art and ALL THE ART, Jonnaye. Yous is the bests. And the card is gorgeous did Kiyoko make it!?! AND TARNIA’S RETARDED “ART CLUB IS NOT HELPING” and random plasters!?!? HAHAHA. The videos were SO RETARDED omged why does everyone look so sad and gloomy like they are going to die!?!?!?! RIDIKULOUS. I laughed like crazy at GMHL though. AND GMJ OF COURSE.

These two bits of the mail really made my day…


1. A birthday wish from UNCLE MICHAEL WEE NONETHELESS. HAHAHAHA. I totally burst out laughing – and 2. Jon’s attempt at “GENERIC PERSON” blowing coloured smoke. Not meant to refer to anything in particular, apparently. AHA.

DEAR SHAWNA, I got your ANGPAO letter and it made me laugh and cry and sad and happy all at once, and yes it did make me feel like I was back in the SS classrooms when you described it. Alas there is so much I wish to tell you in response but yet so little I feel I should, because I really want you to discover things along the way yourself.. and actually discover God most of all. BE STRONG, WOMAN. REMEMBER: POWER!!!!!! Pls remember that you can always just mailz me to rant and stuff if you need to ogays. My table has tons of photos of all you girls so I think of you guys and say a little prayer for you guys every day :)

And this will probably cheer you up a little bit.


THE GOODS HAVE ARRIVED. AND. You will so totally love the stuff you ordered!!!!!! :) :) By the time you get them you’ll probably forget you ordered them so then it’ll be a surprise! HAHA. xoxo LOVELOVE.

Hoho one more thing I forgot and is much overdue. On the day of my birthday (ornotsobirthday), I went into the Ihouse lift and found THIS PINNED ON THE NOTICEBOARDS. So embarrasing FAINTS.



Done by Shamil nonetheless. What a Shamil thing to do. Aha and check out the INTERNATIONAL RESPONSES. Hahaha twas sweet :)


Jackie and I have been trying to pack for tomorrow but we keep getting stuck. And I just went down to the printing room to print all the documents I hope I don’t forget anything. This afternoon we went to the bookstores to check out maps and the boys bought AN ATLAS omged. Tmr before 7pm we depart, and I really hope we make it to the first destination in one piece. HAHAHAHA. So it begins.


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