Name of Ipod: Allie


Gymandsprightlydays: LADY GAGA
(HOHO you have no idea how this album has kept me alive to the world. Strangely enough Brown Eyes actually makes me SAD)

Studyingandreading: Kenny G & Miles Davis
(What would I do without them to drown out random KM and EM chitterchatter in the background while studying)

Singingatthetopofyourlungsonthetopbunk: Taylor Swift
(Top bunk singing is really therapeutic. I love screaming Taylor sadness past midnight)

Donothingbutlistentomusic nights: Alicia Keys
(This woman is the bomb. Masterpieces of songs. Like You’ll Never See Me Again. NEED I SAY MORE)

Besadandmopey: James Morrison
(The current MELTME voice of the moment with MELTME lyrics from his new album. I’ve listened to Broken Strings like ten million times now and counting)

TillIfallasleep: Rosie Thomas & Rachael Yamagata
(Always has been. And the first choice songs will always be Rosie Thomas: It Don’t Matter to the Sun, and currently, Rachael Yamagata: Meet me by the Water)

LatenightsintheGreatHall: Boyz II Men & Babyface
(I’ve been put through TONS OF MTVs of these dudes. And they are growing on me very much. Its back to the old school)

Recentnewforeignmusicdiscovery: KOREAN BOYBAND SHINEE
(I know its a gay name right but whatever – andhawtguywhocansing ohmyDIES i shall put up the youtube video of him soon aha)

ForallhippieBerkeleymoments (and currently): BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS


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