RIDICULOUS. I thought this day would never come. Its going to be a downward hill from here.. but I think I have a huge consolation from myself because being a leap year baby I technically really am, FOREVER YOUNG. MWAHAHA TAKE THAT, KIDS. I AM PETER PAN.


The crew I spent my birthday with. I purposely picked the ASIAN POSE photo ahaha. Arh but the photo is missing Elaine, Eiji and Yushi!

Okay so here goes the attempt to explain what happened on the 28th of Feb, a million miles away from home. I woke up really late (as usual) and Jackie wasn’t in the room so I was like okay whudever I shall use the computer until some form of civilization comes around. I called her and she said she was in SAN FRANCISCO passing things to her groupmates and I actually was a bit like HUH but she returned at 3pm very normally cos we were supposed to self-dye our hair together (which failed, btw) and she told me some really big story about an old lady being in her group and how no one cares about her so she was trying to be nice – so I BELIEVED HER omged.

WELL mid terms are around the corner so I just assumed everyone was busy studying or something – and stupid Shamil and his STUDY GROUP nonsense. The plan was just to have like a random dinner out to celebrate the birthday, and Shamil was like saying he couldn’t make it cos he had two study groups to go for and I was like really -.- about it.. and I was also stressing about where to go for dinner cos I had no idea. FRUSTRATE AND LONELY DOT COM. But toward the evening skyping with Mat and Cheryl made me really happy already so I was like okay! I can go for dinner now and this will be enough :)

FOLLOWING WHICH I went downstairs to wait for everyone, and Yong, Pete, Hans, Florent and Jackie were already there.. and blahblah to cut a long story short, I was like okay lets go and meet the rest later cos it was already past 7, and I walked to the doors of the entrance of the Ihouse, and THEN SUDDENLY WHAT A SHENJING I WAS WHISKED OFF MY FEET (OMYTIAN). I WAS LITERALLY PICKED UP AND YONG STARTED RUNNING UP THE STAIRS and I was like omytian WHAT A SHENJING WHAT IS HAPPENING and into the gambling room and when I finally was PUT DOWN the first person I saw was Tammy haha who sprang up from behind the pool table and then well. SUPPPLIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! And then Shamil got down on one knee with the rose TO APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SUCH A BAD FRIEND and lying to me about missing my birthday ahahhahaha.

OMGED LOR. So I was like okay wow WHAT A SURPRISE INDEED and then I turned to the right and there was like this round table that was set for dinner and people were coming in and out of the kitchen BECAUSE THEY HAD COOKED DINNER FOR ME THE ENTIRE DAY omytiannnnn. Honestly, I was pretty overwhelmed and still very in shock from the whole beingwhiskedoffmyfeet moment till then. Then when it finally started to make sense to me I was ohmygoodness so touched DOT COM DOT SG. They had spent the entire day leaving me by myself (hurhur) cos they had been preparing dinner. Aiyoma.

This is the first time in my life that I have been completely SURPRISED without suspecting a thing. It is a pretty awesome feeling. Hahahaha. And later I was told that EVERYONE KNEW except for me!? And Pete’s random invitation to go to ALCATRAZ many days before was so that I wouldn’t be alone on my birthday while they were cooking, but I didn’t wana go ahahaha so thats why I ended up alone in the afternoon that day. AND EVEN JERRINE TAN KNEW!?!? WHAT A CRAZY THING. SO MANY LIARS. Jarvis had lunch with me that day and HE KNEW TOO and he was lying to me all through lunch asking me stupid questions about what I was going to do the rest of the day -.-



The night was built upon LIES AND DECEIT haha but covered in love :) An awesome homecooked dinner, cake without candles but only Eiji’s lighter hahaahaha, presents – A BALLOON, FLOWERS, HIPPIE SHIRT, DISNEY PRINCESS NOTEBOOK HAHA and the best present was from my two favourite Japanese people in the Ihouse <3333


THEY BOUGHT ME A CAL BEAR!!!!!!!!! OMGEDDDD. I LOVE YUSHI AND EIJI. SO CUTE CAN. Its one of those things you really want but its like too expensive to buy. SO HAPPY. This bear is the new obsession. AND its polaroid-ed photo is up outside the door of 747, as our 3rd roommate. Currently it is called the Comfort Bear and it is waiting to be named.

Oh, and the rest of them knew that I only like alcohol that doesn’t taste like alcohol (and essentially has very little alcohol HAHA) so they bought me some passonfruit drink thing and I was the only one who was allowed to drink. But it was really just to see me turn red really fast and laugh at me. Jarvis bet FIVE MINUTES. This is an explanation for why my face is so red in all the photos.


After dinner clean up. Haha look at everyone in the kitchen so cutes. And the Englishman cleaning the table. HAHAHA.


Birthdaycake/makedo candles,
Birthday kisses from Erik is everywhere who appeared OUT OF NOWHERE (THE BIRTHDAY WAS COMPLETE HAHAHA) and Daniel the Mexican whose shirt is too small (AHAHAHA omgoodness the joke is, Daniel appeared at the doorway and Raphael just blurted out very bluntly, That is a very small tshirt. HAHAHAHA),
and Raphael being a FREAK. HAHAHA.

And then begins the CONVERSE ADVERTISEMENT pictures.



The last photo looks like a family portrait, and Raphael is THE MOTHER. HAHAHA.

Okay the rest of the night was really, honestly, PURELY laughing nonstop at Raphael aka SHFUL (I don’t know whats the right spelling in German), which means gay in German. Ahahahahaha.





Please do not ask me how these series of random jumping pictures came about.. at this moment I was on the floor laughing.


7TH FLOOR NEIGHBOUR LOVE! :) 749 747 xoxo.

OH then it was on to watching Jarvis demonstrate this new game he invented, called THE JARVIS SIX. AAHAHA its going to be big someday hokay. HA.

His previous record is 28 seconds or something like that. I have SEVEN VIDEOS of his various tries and lots of random comments from the sidelines. HAHA.


After the party was cleaned up, the oldies decided it would not be complete unless I was brought to a bar for the first time. At midnight they let me in, and I GOT A FREE GUINESS COS IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. YAAAY.


Shamil gave me his present – the POCAHONTAS headband thingy, which was the first item that we saw and I was still deciding if I wanted to buy when we went shopping for the first time together in Berkeley! AWWW :)


We made new German friends at the bar! Alex’s finger is censored because this blog is PG-13. We stayed till the bar closed which was about 2am, to the tunes of BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS. Wah so old school. After which, the Germans cycled back and we went to grab PIZZA in true blue American style before heading home.

Many many more photos on facebook soon.

I was delirious the entire night, and it lasted all the way till the next morning. Randomly through the night all I could think of was how grateful I was for friends such as these even though I was so far from home, how overwhelmed I was with all the events of the night (in a good way haha), and how God never fails to surprise you in ways that you cannot comprehend. Actually, how God never fails.

The next day in church we sang two of my absolutely favourite worship songs.

Blessed be Your Name and Hosanna.
I saw it as a divine birthday present from above :)

You give and take away,
You give and take away,
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be Your Name.


3 Responses to “21”

  1. gid Says:

    you are totally drunk.

  2. daph Says:

    i am utterly amazed at your blog. so many nice nice pictures. you either type really fast or you have lots of time and i’m guessing its the FIRST.
    because you typed so loud and fast in the computer lab last sem hahahahha

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