Gospel Night


Last Thursday was GOSPEL NIGHT AT THE IHOUSE. And I was like uber excited for it can. EXCITE EXCITE. Because the only LIVE gospel experience I had was at Brooklyn Tabernacle years ago and THAT WAS AMAZING. One of the most indescribable experiences that I have had IN MA LIFE. So obviously I was looking forward to this (and it was free too hah).




With Jackie and Pete.. AND PURPLE HAT WOMAN!!!! DRESSED IN A COMPLETELY COLOUR CODED PURPLE SUIT. Omged SO CUTE. I saw her during dinner in the hall and she asked me whats that drink there honey and I wanted to say OMGED SO CUTE but obviously that was inappropriate.


Those were the first three performances – which were already OMGED RIGHT – and so after that I couldn’t be bothered to video anymore cos I HAD TO EXPERIENCE THE MOMENT INTENSELY.

The other acts were more groups and solos and also this dude who gave a song/monologue of the death of Christ :O It was strange at first but after that I found myself totally TRANSFIXED I do not know why. But I was listening so intensely – also partly cos I had to digest the really thick accent – and when it ended I was like woah. Also, my favvvvourite part of the night was this GOSPEL RAP BY TURF MINISTRIES. I think you should go and YOUTUBE it. These two black dudes basically did a EVANGELISTIC RAP about the cross and sins and Jesus.. the whole GOSPEL. And it was really cool cos it was like SO COOL yknow the rapping and yet it was like a serious message but somehow it connected so well? Wow first time I’ve heard anything like it, and it was pretty awesome. There were various parts where everyone was like standing up and clapping and participating and the best part of the rap was THERE AINT NO PARTY LIKE A HOLY GHOST PARTY COS THE HOLY GHOST PARTY DONT STOP – I SAY JESUS YOU SAY CHRIST! JESUS! CHRIST! JESUS! CHRIST! And then something about PRAISE and something about the CROSS hahaahahahaa. SO CUTE OMYTIAN. How fun was that. Like a CHRISTIAN RAP PARTY. I think I am going to go back to GBC AND MAKING EVERYBODY DO IT.

The two last acts were pretty awesome. The same purple suited bishop dude came out with his small gospel ensemble and they sang this really powerful song – complete with the singing off each other and reaching notes not accessible in the human realm – and the lyrics were something like, All of me wants all of You, all my dreams and ambitions too. I think at that point it realllly felt like I was in a gospel church and everyone was just worshipping, and the feeling was so overwhelming. Also cos previously that day walking back from class I was feeling a bit sien and I was telling God that I wanted to go to church like NOW at that moment, and He gave me this :)

I bought the CD for one of the dudes who sang, as a memento of the night. I have NO WORDS. I was SO HAPPY after the entire thing, like really I felt so happy and right with the world and right with everything around me. Man. I love gospel music. And not just gospel music but LIVE gospel music – cos you need to experience the presence of God in that place. It struck me that people all over the world worship in SO many different ways, but at the end of the day, God looks down and He smiles and He is pleased – be it rap or hiphop or hymns or contemporary – Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.

I went away that night thinking, this is by far the BEST experience/event that I’ve been to in Berkeley so far.

But I think last night pretty much trumped it :) God is ridiculously good.


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