This post is primarily dedicated to all members of the WESTERN CARE GROUP OF GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH. HELLO I WENT TO RICK WARREN’S CHURCH!!!!! Flashback almost 1+ years ago to PDL period.

So this was LAST DAY of the roadtrip :( SADLY. Okay Saddleback was technically the only main thing I wanted to do before I left, and we had Redondo Beach on the hold if we had enough time (WHERE ALL THE OC BEACH PLACES WERE FILMED). However, we left the house at 830 and had to pick Yvette and then I forgot some stuff so we had to go to the apartment and then Rochelle fell asleep early the night before and forgot to google directions and the service was at 9AM. HAHAHA.

So…….. we drove around for ONE HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES – I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen. Ridiculooouuusssss. Half of this time Roch and Yvette were stopping by places to go in and ask for directions, and I WAS ASLEEP. FAST ASLEEP in the car. The best part was it was Sunday morning so the christian radio station was playing worship songs! Awesome. So I whenever I woke up I felt like I was in church but I was actually IN THE CAR. So we drove around for 1hr and 40mins and by that time, of course, we decided to go for the 1115am service. Well, we found the place in the end. CLEARLY.


FINALLY FOUND IT. And look at how many WELCOME TO SADDLEBACK signs that are. And this is because, SADDLEBACK CHURCH  IS LIKE A THEME PARK. OMGED.




FREE COFFEE!!!! And please look at that ridiculous architecture. IT IS SUCH AN AWESOME CHURCH. Even though its like big and huge and theme park ish, somehow the atmosphere is so nice and friendly and church ish and I MISS THAT SO MUCH HELLO GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH I MISS YOU.


And this is in the main sanctuary!! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT IT IS RICK WARREN. I was so excited when he came out, I had to take a photo even though he was beginning the sermon. Hurhurhur. And GUYZ, he has LOST WEIGHT. Let that be an inspiration for you all – by you all I mean Gideon.


And THIS. Is a woman who sang the Lord’s prayer after service. AND GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, DOESNT SHE LOOK LIKE OPRAH!?!?!? I shall upload the bigger photos on facebook and we can have a great uproar there. Hahahahaha.

The message by Rick Warren that morning was So Heavy. AND INTENSE. You know, one of those messages that tug at your heartstrings and you know that you have to go back and do something about it although in your head you really don’t want to cos it will mean that your entire life will have to be rearranged. Yeah, that kind of message. And I don’t think it has entirely sunk in yet. Today I did do a confession of my sins though – not as detailed as I would have liked, but its a first step. And honestly, I love Saddleback. It is a powerful place with amazing ministry, and surely God has really blessed that place. I definitely want to return when I get the chance.

“Come now, let us reason together,”
says the LORD.
Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;

though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool.

Isaiah 1:18

After that there was no time for Redondo beach :( So it was to the airport (IM GLAD WE GOT THERE ALIVE….. patronizing driver turned psychotic) – had Denny’s for lunch and home sweet home it was for me :)

I LOVED THE OC, but honestly, I missed the Ihouse. It really is home right now. Although I had to take the BART by myself back and change trains at Oakland (the place where people die omged), and then take a long walk back from the train station to the ihouse AND IT WAS RAINING (and raining on my hot chocolate) and I did feel a little sorry for myself when people passed me by with umbrellas, it felt SO GOOD to reach the ihouse, take a warm shower, and then open the doors to a big welcome hug from friends – who insisted that “Ring us when you get back” did not refer to when I got back to the ihouse but when I got to the airport so they could pick me up at the train. SO MUCH FOR MY SAD WALK. OH WELL, it was a good experience of being Independent I guess. HAHA.

AND WELL ROCHELLE FLORES, our parallel lives have finally crossed. Little wonders, indeed.


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