Huntington Beach


Hoho so here I am to post PEEKTURES of the WUNDERFUL weekend that was THE O.C ROADTRIP with my longlost senior from those nanyang band days, ROCHELLE FLORES <- honourary mention again! Better be grateful.


But before anything, LET ME JUST POST THE RIDICULOUS RIPOFF AIRPORT BREAKFAST that Yong and I had in the morning at about 7am. OmgednessabishigahFAINTEDridiculouuuusssssswhatashenjing.

So Roch picked me up from LAX and then vroom vroom off we went! (with me surviving on ONE HOUR OF SLEEP omytian – I had to stop by the kiosk to get some caffeine along the way) First stop, HUNTINGTON BEACH. Which is the beach where they filmed BAYWATCH. HAHAHAHAHA.


One of my Favourite things about LA – PALM TREES. EVERYWHERE. There will be millions of palm trees around my home in the future :D


Along the coast reaching the beach. BLUE BLUE SKIES GREEN GREEN GRASS AND SHINY SHINY WATER <3


Walking the pier. SO NICE OMGED. I know the picture is like TINY-ISH and cannot really see but too bad everything will be up on facebook laters anyway. This is for THE HIGHLIGHTS. HAHA. CAN YOU SPOT OLD PEOPLE WALKING HAND IN HAND????


The millions of SURFERS in the sea. SURFER SEALS! Don’t they look like seals. Anyway it is verys cools to watch them surf. COOLS DOT COM.


And here we have the face of my patronizing driver/tourguide/landlady for three days and two nights. HAHAHA. YOU IS THE BEST.

Very sadly, the awesome weather only lasted for Friday :( Because, I AM THE WEATHER JINX. I brought the Northern Cali weather to Southern Cali!! I AM SO SAD. Okay anyway. Pictures of newport beach up next! Hwahaha.


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