Saturday Shenanigans


Once again we hit the San Fran. Caught a glimpse of the Chinese parade prep. Shoppppppinggg for clothes for Sunday Supper tonight (of which I haven’t found anything yet GAHHH). Fine Dining at a Jazz Club Cafe. AWESOME LIVE JAZZ MUSIC PLAYED BY OLD BLACK MEN IN NOAH CALHOUN HATS (aka Ryan Gosling in The Notebook) and suspenders. I fall in love with the saxaphone all over again, and fall head over heels in love with jazz and the old man’s croaky sweet voice. I want to stay there forever but we leave after I can’t give you anything but love (*DIES*). All night long while walking we see random street performances – spontaneous hip hop and cruising and dancing. Luvvit. On the bus we take the back row seats upon everyone insisting (IN CASE I GET SCOLDED BY THE BUS DRIVER AGAIN) and we observe that bus drivers in Amerika love to shout.

Home sweet ihouse. Take over the 7th floor lounge and eat fruit loops and drink beer and I decide that I think I am allergic to alcohol cos drinking a little bit gets me all red and a bit itchy. NOW I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO REFUSE ALCOHOL HAHA YAY. Anyway. We play Beatles songs on Jarvis’ speakers and singalong, play random Japanese games (PING PONG PANG!) courtesy of YUSHI and laugh ourselves silly while stuffing our faces with pretzels.

Then we all venture to TOP DAWG and the whole world is there on Saturday night (cos its the only eating place open at goodnessknowswhattime) and we meet Sarah and Kinut and we start talking abt the PILLOW FIGHT EVENT in SF on Valentines Day and they are all abit high so they start talking about putting rocks in their pillows (omged). AND THEN, Shamil goes, come on guys we need to be serious about this (and Sarah nods excitedly) and then they all make us put our hands in the middle of a circle and AT GOODNESSKNOWSWHATTIME IN THE MORNING with like a gazillion people eating hot dogs around us by the sidewalk, they all shout really loudly I-HOUSE!!!!!! HAHAHAHA omged talk about taking one for the team. Good thing the police cars weren’t patrolling. After which they attempt to crash a frat party but there were none, so we return to ihouse and the Great Hall and sit there for really long talking to Pete who is STUDYING while the people behind him are making a racket, and I talk to Pete who tries to find me a date for Vday and I say its okay cos pillow fights are so much better while Shamil and Yong go to the 4th floor to “find people to say hello to” and Jacq falls asleep next to me on the couch.

We finally go back up to our room and on the way up we meet ERIC THE WANDERING IHOUSE GHOST whom we see EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY. The two silly tards return and start cooking instant noodles and this random German guy appears at our door and Shamil explains that we cannot call him shfool cos SHFOOl means gay in German or something and then random German guy asks if he can cook noodles and so we make him noodles and he sits and eats and we have to wait for him to finish cos everyone is like half dead and then we grouphug and I cannot breathe and we go to sleep.

Earlier that night in the Great Hall, Shamil and Yong started doing a Steve Irwin impersonation (which reminded me of Vik!) And then they go on to describe him as High School Musical, reptile version. CRIKEY. AHAHAHAHAHAA OMGED.

But the night was also a night of sad things :( And I felt so sad for the people who were sad and I wanted to feel sad just so that I could share their sadness. I guess I did. A teeny bit – but in a wallow in self pity, feel sorry for myself way; not in a lost someone special, miss someone till you cry every night way.


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