Vintage Bay


MY FAVOURITE PART OF BERKELEY AND THE BAY ARE A HAS TO BE THE TON OF VINTAGE SHOPS THEY HAVE. Just a small glimpse at two of my favourite shops on Telegraph. There are wayyy more that we need to explore.




Kickass store owner.



2 Responses to “Vintage Bay”

  1. SHAWNA Says:

    you know what i am aaghing over already. you are living in paradise!! hahahah PLEASE GO TO ALL THE THRIFT, VINTAGE AND FLEA MARKETS FOR ME BEFORE U COME BACK TO BARREN SINGAPORE.
    oh and buy me a washboard if you see one please!! i wanna make a noticeboard hurhur

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I spy with my very own eyes…a VW camper Hippie Van! Hey, include that music store too.


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