After Sunset


On weeknights, its dinner, head to the cafe, find a spot and we’re good to go – with a cup of house coffee, Kenny G (I LOVE YOU KENNY), and tons of readings for company. Some weeknights we brave the cold for a TOP DAWG or a FAT SLICE or my favourite KING PIN SUGAR DONUT – which is the REAL DEAL. Nice. And other weeknights its either the 7th floor lounge or the Great Hall, on the couch, watching American Idol/24/random videos till we crash.

Andrew (or better known around us by his last name JARRRVIS) found a song called DEBORA and he was blasting it in the room today and asked me how did I find it. Aside from the fact that it probably has the worst lyrics ever (Debora you look like a ZEBRA!? WTH), I think its sweet that I actually have a song named after, well, my name (then again not quite).



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