Dreamscapes and futuristics


Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Sorry sorry I haven’t been posting! Been settling into life at the International House. Went for the i-house retreat – my favourite was the campfire. Freezing temperatures, warming our butts by the fire, failed ‘smores, breathtakingly beautiful starry skies, meeting new people and laughing cos we were high breathing in smoke from the sparks :)

I love my room, love my desk (pictures soon!), love my roommate. God has really gone ahead to prepare the way for me. Haha its kind of cheating cos Jacq is Singaporean (even though she studies in Aus) and she’s a Christian too :) We haven’t gone to church yet cos of the retreat, but next week we’ll go together. The coolest thing is we found out that the other China dude from NUS is also a Christian! (And his grandparents run an underground church in china OMGED HOW EXCITING RIGHT) So he might come to church with us too :) AND Shamil is like one door away from us. Awesome. OH AND I LOVE THE TOILETS HERE. Hot water, clean, no queues.. I can take my time every morning. Sweet.

We met two Japanese dudes who are here doing their post-grad. So they are like 29 and 37! And married with kids (the cutest). HAHA AND THEY ARE SO FUNNAYE OMGED. Everytime we talk to them I just die laughing. We didn’t know their room number so we spent two days walking around the 3rd level and just now we FINALLY found them we were so happy HAHAHA. Eiji and Yushi. Yushi was hilarious he was like, remember my name is Yushi, Yushi Berkeley! HAHAHAHHAAHA omged funniest moment ever. I laughed until I cried just now..

Classes start tomorrow. GOSH. I’m a bit freaked out, because during the student panel all they could say was “when I went for my first class at UCB I was so intimidated because everyone seemed so smart and I felt so stupid and wondered why was I here”. LIKE THAT REALLY HELPS. Faint.

The only great thing is OBAMA INAUGARATION TOMORROW! History being made! We are going to Sproul Plaza to watch from the big screen with the rest of the school. 8am baby. We’ll be there, and hopefully survive the stampedes.


2 Responses to “Dreamscapes and futuristics”

  1. wendaye Says:

    HAHAHA YUSHI + SUSHI RHYME so cute. I know a Japanese post-grad student and he’s like 27 and HE IS SO FUNNY TOO is it something about old Japanese post grad students hahahahah. WHY WERE YOU STALKING THEM tut tut haha

    I had to read Yushi Berkeley out loud twice before I got it *is slow* AND I PUT ON A PROPER JAPANESE ACCENT THE 2ND TIME ROUND hence I got it haha go me.

  2. ilightfirecrackers Says:

    hahah I WAS NOT STALKING THEM. they are so hilarious seriously i cannot take it. hahahaaaaaaa YOU ARE TOO ANG MOH FIED LAH. canot get my jokes. tsk.

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