Sunset Thursday



Yesterday at the end of the one-day orientation, we went for a hike. We could’ve gone for dimsum, or coffee, or yoghurt.. but no, my friends wanted to go on a HIKE. HA. So we thought it was like you know, a “hike”. A slow walk or a stroll to the top of the hill or something.

WE WERE SO WRONG. The next time they say hike, we know they mean HIKE. I felt like I was climbing Bkt Timah Hill and at the end there was a slope that we had to climb and IT WAS LIKE 90 DEGREES INCLINED I’m not even kidding. I’m amazed I didn’t die there in the woods. And the going back down experience was once in a lifetime as well. It was pitch dark, at one point there was no one in front of us, and we had to walk down the side of a highway and woah now I know the meaning of BLINDING lights.

But the real deal was the great company and the friends made (through complaining and hiking haha).

And look at that view.


2 Responses to “Sunset Thursday”

  1. amelia Says:

    are you sure you didnt steal that pic off some site. its AWESOME.

  2. micheyeo Says:

    hahaha miss delicate!! your website name is no longer in caps!
    anyway, gorgeous picture :) I wish I could go study there too

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